Civilization Tourism


Travel is now all about destination, experience and memories. Whether you are an experienced traveler or your first time on a cruise, the travel information and advice we offer will be helpful to enhance your experience and avoid unnecessary disappointments. We desire to make your journey safe and more enjoyable on the cruise to explore, dream, relax, experience and immerse yourself in culture and nature on the Heritage Cruises Binh Chuan, a masterpiece amidst wonders.


Heritage Binh Chuan Cruise welcomes passengers all year round. From April to September, it’s a great time to visit the Cat Ba area, Ha Long Bay to enjoy the blue sea, white sands, and golden sunshine. The weather is hot, reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius with south wind, sunshine with occasional rain and sudden storms. This is also the peak tourist season for domestic tourism.

The weather is cool from October to April, cold at the end of the year with north wind and mist. There are also sunny days but fewer than summer. This season is usually the peak season for foreign tourists to visit. As a Vietnamese tourist and you want to escape the hustle city, Weekends are a good time to retreat to the sea and islands.

What do you need to bring?

We have 1,2 and 3 nights packages for guests. In the summer, you are advised to  bring umbrellas, sunglasses, shoes, sandals, and clothes for swimming in the pool and beach. It would be best if you carried sunscreen to protect your skin. Many stylish outfits are recommended as we ensure numerous glamorous check-in spots for beautiful photos. Don’t forget to bring your camera

We don’t recommend bringing alcohol, fruit and food on the Cruise. We will charge a service and bottle opening fee for any drinks in the restaurant and bar areas from 750,000 VND/bottle. Passengers can bring cigarettes on board the cruise ship and can only smoke in designated places and not in the bedrooms. All bedrooms have a fire alarm system. If passengers smoke in the room the fire alarm systems will automatically activate. We will impose a fine up to 20 million VND if this happens.

How to wear Luxury?

The Cruise ship is designed for the customer’s experiences. You should dress as comfortably as possible for your dynamic journey and many activities on the beach, on the water, on the cruise. We expect guests to dress politely on the cruise and especially for dinner which is fine dining, so you need to dress modestly. We have prepared traditional costumes in the wardrobe for a culinary experience that awakens the senses. Dressing nicely, politely and wearing shoes are mandatory conditions at our Le Tonkin Restaurant. If not wearing the traditional costumes that we prepare for guests, women should wear red and white dresses for dinner at sunset and in the evening on the cruise. Men should wear black pants, white shirts. There are many beautiful photographs of angle shootings on the cruise. We advise guests to bring more outfits in different areas such as indoors, outdoors, swimming pools, … to give more beautiful frames.

What to eat?

We have 2 restaurants and many places where meals can be served such as in-room, swimming pool, wine cellar. Extensive menus for guests to choose from. The summer menu for the 2-day-one-night DISCOVER program is a buffet of Northern countryside specialties and seafood at l’Indochine restaurant to enjoy the natural scenery. Set menu or à la carte dinner at Le Tonkin restaurant, experience fine dining in the middle of the ocean with light, music and a culture space amidst the floating waves. In the morning, you can enjoy a light breakfast with cakes and coffee made by our chef team on the cruise. For early lunch, passengers will have a buffet. You should take a small portion each time so that you can enjoy multiple dishes and take several servings instead of filling up the plate, avoiding waste. If you have any special dietary requests, please inform the cruise manager in advance for thorough preparation.

What activities?

Heritage Cruises Binh Chuan has many activities for guests to excursion and experience. Onboard activities, underwater activities and activities on the beach. Experience speedboats, visiting caves, bamboo boats, swimming, …

There is a pool onboard, cooking activities, and exploring the floating art gallery with a tour guide or reading books, looking at paintings, playing chess, and many other activities. Some travelers can choose nothing but stay in room to enjoy the private atmosphere and the Bay from the spacious balcony with Full Ocean panoramic view and constantly moving scenery.

Swimming pool regulations.

On the Cruise, we have a four-season swimming pool and jacuzzi on both sides of the pool for visitors to experience. The entire pool’s depth is 1.2 meters, suitable for all ages and very relaxing. You must wear the correct swimming outfit and shower before entering the pool. We have bathrooms for men and women, please take the stairs from the swimming pool to the 2nd floor before going up to the swimming pool. Do not urinate in the swimming pool. Do not jump, dive, run or play on the edge of the swimming pool because slipping can cause accidents. Passengers can swim, relax, ordering drinks at the pool bar with a specific price menu. Children must be protected and taken care of by parents and adults. The swimming pool is open until midnight. The gym and sauna are open 24 hours, guests serve themselves.

Other regulations.

The Cruise has many public areas for public use in a civilized and elegant. We hope that passengers will not bring books from the library to other places and remember to put them in the right place after reading. Books are property of the cruise as well as towels, furnitures, decorations… in each room which will be checked daily. You can contact us to buy if you like it. Some area of the library, gallery, and spa require quiet and children not to run, jump, or scream. Painting scarce and expensive antique photos are hung on the cruise. Please do not touch the paintings as it will damage them. Each painting worths  20,000 USD. In Song Hong Lounge there is a big piano and guitar for guests who can play, guests are not allowed to adjust the piano arbitrarily. When you finish playing, you have to close the piano.

We want passengers to travel responsibly such as not throwing trash into the sea, spitting indiscriminately, not putting their feet on chairs, not smoking cigarettes, or waterpipe tobacco and including e-cigarettes in public places. You should turn off electricity and water when going out, use electricity and water sparingly. If passengers are glad about the service, you can give a tip to the staff but it is recommended to give it to The Cruise Management. It is not imperative to tip, but the staff will appreciate if you do it, as a good appreciation of the service and satisfaction, encouraged the team to provide better service. Along with Heritage Cruisses Binh Chuan, we make tourism always green, clean, beautiful, safe, and civilized on the cruise, worthy of the forerunners of the Vietnamese nobleman: Bach Thai Buoi.

What’s interesting about going on a cruise?

After going on a cruise, some of our passengers have enjoyed every minute, every moment and want to stay longer or come back, while others say there’s nothing special about going on a cruise just eating and sleeping.

That right! You can just eating and sleeping without having to worry about anything is indeed included so that you can rest and relax. But if you only focus on sleeping and eating, you will miss many other memorable moments.

Cruising is about returning to nature, the blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine, and homeland islands. Guests can enjoy the scenery and experience on the cruise, on the water and the island. The Heritage Cruises Binh Chuan is a must be explored destination before exploring the world outside nature. Experience even when doing nothing, just enjoying the Bay from the large balcony – Full Ocean panoramic view with constantly moving scenery, enjoying the silence, privacy, or being yourself in your own space, connecting objects and connections. Connect with nature from your room in the middle of the ocean.

Heritage Cruises Binh Chuan is not only has a spacious rooms with private balconies and sea viewing but we also promise to bring an overall experience of a work art in the middle of nature, an experience to remember on your journey to the king’s cruise ship memory: Bach Thai Buoi and a story to tell after your journey.

Passengers come to the Heritage cruises Binh Chuan to explore, dream, relax, immersed in nature and cultural heritage

In addition to the activities mentioned in the program, private moments in the room, enjoying the Bay from the large balcony – Full Ocean panoramic view with constantly moving scenery and relaxing bathtub connecting with nature.

Choose beautiful corners to check in luxuriously, uniquely at different moments with friends and family members. Beautiful moments give us beautiful photos as memories.

When you need, please ask our staff for beautiful places to take photos to preserve your memories. Don’t wait for moments, let’s create it.

The moments of watching the sunrise over the sea or sipping a cocktail while witnessing the transitions between day and night, the magical hues of sunset, and the dance of the clouds in the sky and over the rocky islands.

Admiring the moon amidst the bay and the tranquility of the celestial world is also an experience to cherish. Cruising now is all about exciting destinations, experiences, and memories.

Our cruise ship is designed for customer experience, navigating through the wonders of nature, offering a multitude of fascinating experiences for those who know how to appreciate them

Cat Ba Island

caves of Halong Bay

10 interesting things about Lan Ha Bay that make tourists more interested in exploring than Ha Long Bay

  1. Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba archipelago belong to Hai Phong City. Cat Ba Island is the largest island in the Cat Ba archipelago and the second largest among Vietnam’s islands, only after Phu Quoc Island.
  2. Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba archipelago has just been a member of the World Beautiful Bay Club Association. The bay has nearly 400 large and small limestone islands, densely packed together, wild and beautiful, with many interesting shapes. Traveling by cruise, you will be able to observe the islands at a much closer distance than Ha Long Bay.
  3. To visit Lan Ha Bay, visitors can depart from two main Pier terminal: Got Pier and Beo Pier.  Got is where 4-5-star luxury cruises gather while Beo is home to smaller cruises, boat suitable for small groups and families. The world-famous magazine Travel and Leisure also recommends that tourists take the Heritage Binh Chuan to explore Cat Ba if traveling with family
  4. The number of tourists coming to Lan Ha Bay is not too much, which is invisible and is a strong point of Lan Ha Bay. Tourists can truly live in the middle of pristine nature, without any noise and dust, greener, cleaner and more beautiful.
  5. With nearly 400 large and small stone islands with beautiful shapes but distributed over an area smaller than Ha Long, the stone islands are located close to each other, creating breathtaking natural pictures.
  6. Cai Beo fishing village is one of the largest floating fishing villages in Southeast Asia. In addition, on the Bay, there were dozens of fishing villages with thousands of people living in floating cages in the middle of the sea, where guests could learn about aquaculture and encounter extremely hospitable fishermen
  7. The number of natural beaches on Lan Ha Bay is countless when the tide is low. This bay has up to 139 small, pristine sand beaches, located between two mountain blocks with clear blue sea water to the bottom – these will be safe and extremely ideal beaches. Passengers are free to park their cruise anywhere and bathe freely in the sea. Must-visit the wild beauty of beaches such as Ba Trai Dao, Cay Bang Beach, Pineapple Beach, Monkey Island…
  8. A few small islands on Lan Ha Bay have some resorts that meet the needs of those who want to stay overnight. Good service quality and beautiful beaches are the highlights of these resorts.
  9. Viet Hai fishing village located next to Lan Ha Bay is a tourist destination that is hard to miss. This is an ancient village, surrounded by absolutely protected primeval forests. Visitors can cycle or take an electric car to visit the village. There are also many homestays in the village serving tourists who want to stay overnight.
  10. Tourists can combine a visit to Lan Ha Bay with Cat Ba National Park, where there are only 60 individuals in the Cat Ba Langur species in the world Red Book, where only Cat Ba Forest still exists, and explore Ngu Lam Peak and Quan Y cave, Trung Trang cave, local market, fishing port, Van Van fish sauce old factory on Cat Ba island.

Where does the shuttle bus pick up and drop off?

We provide a 9-seat D’Car limousine from Hanoi to Tuan Chau  (Ha Long). We pick up and drop off guests at hotels or private homes within Hanoi city.

Tourists can gather at a pick-up point such as the Opera House or 56 Ly Thai To. When booking a cruise, ensure you book this transfer service and a specific pick-up point. Our vehicles have the yacht logo and driver’s phone number for easy contact. Travel time from Hanoi to Tuan Chau Wharf is 120 minutes and takes Highway 5B. To ensure comfort and safety for tourists, our driver will stop for 15 minutes at a rest stop on the highway for tourists to go to the bathroom rest and relax.

Get on the cruise.

After resting at the Heritage Lounge, visitors only take 20 minutes to reach Heritage Cruises Binh Chuan, The Cruise is a unique masterpiece amidst the natural wonders of Ha Long Bay by cruise.

Guests can rent a private Heritage Express or Speedboat to be picked up privately at Got Pier, Tuan Chau or Ha Long International Port to the Heritage Binh Chuan, we charge for individual costs. If you rent all cruises for your itinerary, you will arrive at the port from 11:30 to 12:00 and you can get on the cruise when you’re ready.

If you arrive at Cat Bi Hai Phong Airport, it takes 60 minutes to reach our terminal and 30 minutes from Van Don Airport. We will arrange a private pick-up at extra cost, please contact us if you would like this service.

How to find Heritage Lounge?

If you travel by private car, you can take Highway 5B or Provincial Highway 18 from Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi) to Tuan Chau Island, turn onto the island along the main road, go all the way to the U and find lot 28B of Tuan Chau International Port.  Heritage Lounge is on the deserted side on the other side of the U shape of Tuan Chau ship lock.

You can park your car at Tuan Chau Pier before entering the waiting room for the Heritage Binh Chuan cruise ship. We have a 24/7 contact number for the port and waiting area, please call +84-797-515-588 for instructions.

What is Fine dining?

On the cruise, we want to diversify the culinary experience for our guests., eating is not just about eating a lot, it’s about eating delicious food, enjoying the flavors of each dish according to the 5-course menu, serving Vietnamese Food on European style, Northern style restaurant space, enjoying the fine-dining experience.

The concept of going to a restaurant has been upgraded to fine dining – meaning The Western culinary elite with cooking techniques fussy with the ritual of communication behavior at the table and speaking. eating (how to use cups, cutlery sets…) as well as dress code when dining out.

Start with appetizers of salmon salad, mushroom soup, baked tiger prawns, the main dish of seafood or beef of your choice, dessert and homemade opera ice cream. For each dish brought out, the restaurant manager will introduce each dish and the cruise’s special cooking method. We have a wine cellar for guests to choose premium bottles of wine for dinner floating in the middle of a magnificent bay with loved ones

Personalize the fine-dining dinner experience for sophisticated travelers on Heritage Binh Chuan

The chef, dressed in a white chef’s uniform and high hat, will greet and interact with you after the main course to welcome and listen to your feelings about the culinary experience It’s like listening to feedback to keep improving, and it’s like revealing delicious and special secrets like why the beef is so soft, ripe from the inside out and delicious.

It’s an experience that can be as inviting as you are to eat your meals every day, so please do not help the restaurant staff and do not blame them for bringing the food slowly. We all follow standard procedures. Let’s explore this delightful culinary experience on a marvel amidst wonders as gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen of the culinary world.

To enhance the experience to touch the legacy, we’ve prepared a beautiful traditional dress code for a fine dining experience to a truly memorable scene in the middle of the sea.

Phone and WI-FI signals are feeble when entering Lan Ha Bay

This is a common situation in all cruises in the Cat Ba archipelago. The excursion will take you lost in 400 limestone islands and beautiful beaches. Phone and Wi-Fi signals will be absent or feeble, although we tried to park the cruise at night in places with the strongest signal according to our captain’s experience. We think customers should stop using the phone, be busy working and take full time off 24 hours, 48 hours or 36 hours to spend the full 24 hours, 48 hours or 36 hours experiencing nature, culture and heritage, talking to loved ones, engaging in activities at sea, on cruises and the water, enjoying every moment and creating memories.

This seems unreasonable but is reasonable when you want to spend a whole day relaxing after a long exhausting week. When on a cruise, the phone signal is almost non-existent or intermittent (sometimes there are times when the signal is strong). So, if you’re going to take a job and you’re going to work while you’re on vacation, you shouldn’t be on a cruise in the middle of the bay and still be connected and working. You should not “embrace” the job once you have set foot on the boat. Phone signal and wifi start at Tuan Chau port, Ha Long city has phone signal and wifi. Over the bay, there’ll be feeble even when you’re on the sundeck

How to become a civilized tourist?

Don’t make noise, hustle, take up space

A lot of people when traveling need to turn on loud music and talk loudly. They make local people and other tourists feel dissatisfied. Some people occupy 2-3 seats in public places, to store personal belongings and sleep while other people don’t have any chairs to sit on. Some people find a good location to take photos so they stand for half an hour, but are not satisfied after taking the photo and continue taking photos until they are satisfied, leaving others to wait. Many people tried to cut in because they didn’t want to waste time lining up.

In civilized countries, keeping a quiet environment is almost the minimum behavior required in public places. Nobody plays loud music and no one talks loudly, even very few people sound the car horn. Sound pollution is also a dangerous type dangerous pollution, especially in tourist destinations. On the other, giving in to others in terms of space is also a way to be respected and happy, instead of taking up space at will just because “going out is supposed to be fun”. If they want to sing karaoke or dance together, they will choose a time to avoid disturbing the surroundings.

Respect Sevier Worker

Many tourists have the mentality of ” if you’ve lost money buying a tray, then pierce it ” by satisfying their own needs and blaming the service providers. They left rooms messy and even damaged furniture after they left the hotel. They berate the restaurant staff for bringing the wrong dish or for being late. They get mad at the flight attendants when they’re reminded.

Civilized tourists will minimize behavior that causes a nuisance to service workers. Keeping the rooms tidy not only saves the wait staff time but also makes the visitors themselves feel comfortable. Communicating politely and generously with waiters, receptionists, and drivers will help you enjoy better quality service. In many cases, respecting and following instructions is also a way to protect the safety of yourself and your companions. In addition, thank you is never redundant.

Environmental protection

Not many tourists are willing to put trash in their backpacks to take home and put in their trash. On the contrary, many people are willing to pick flowers, break branches just for a few minutes of virtual life and write ugly lines on walls, doors, and relics as evidence of “we have been here”. They think that doing those little things makes them happy and “doesn’t affect anyone”. Many of the ugly little things that accumulate become big or very big things, the result of which countless tourist destinations have suffered and continue to suffer: beautiful places that have become garbage dumps, destroyed without mercy, and that require a lot of time and money to restore. A civilized tourist will preserve the natural and cultural environment even if visit the place only once in your life.

Do not review emotions and lack evidence

In the era of social network development, every tourist can become a reporter. However, not everyone has enough time and courage to consider before posting comments about tourist destinations they have. The trend of “exposing scandals” accompanied by “virtual living” is cheered by the crowd because it is popular, increasing likes, views, and followers faster than honest reviews.

Many times, just because they are not satisfied with a dish, or are charged more than the menu, tourists are willing to post harsh “scolds” on social networks. On the other hand, some travelers exaggerate, who exaggerate the places they’ve been to, to prove that decisions are smart, intelligent and worth the money, to the detriment of those who come after them, because it’s not the same on the Internet.

Civilized tourists will always be cautious when reviewing places they have visited and services they have received. Complete and objective information will be recorded and shared widely because they understand that the information is useful to many people. Emotional comments will be carefully considered because they know that each person’s level of satisfaction will depend on the subjective factors of each visitor. An objective, complete, and timely review is a civilized act of a tourist, and many people will be grateful for that.