A Masterpiece in the natural wonder

Heritage Cruises introduces the first Vietnamese heritage and boutique cruise on the Red River and the Gulf of Tonkin. Our fleet of vessels combines classic elegance with comfort, focusing on our country’s history, art and gastronomy.

Phạm Lực – Picasso of Vietnam

Based on a shared passion, Heritage Cruises connects closely with Pham Luc from the overall style, décor, cuisine, wine, music, art and service on board. All these things represent Vietnam. The country is rich in terms of its history, culture, nature, heritage, and cuisine

Le Dinh Nghien – Hang Trong Folk Painting Artisan

Heritage Cruises proudly showcase Hang Trong Folk paintings which drawn by the last artisan Le Dinh Nghien at the Song Hong Lounge as well as in guest rooms, restaurants and public areas. We hope that we will keep Hang Trong painting alive.

Landscape View Heritage Cruises

Landscape View Heritage Cruises in Lan Ha Bay

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Heritage Cruises – Openning

Heritage Cruises – Openning