Du Thuyền Heritage mang đến cho du khách ba trải nghiệm lý thú: Du ngoạn trong mơ một ngày, Du Ngoạn Khám Phá trong hai ngày và Du ngoạn thám hiểmtrong ba ngày. Ngoài ra, chúng tôi còn có thể sắp xếp chuyến du ngoạn riêng biệt trọn gói thám hiểm kéo dài bốn đến tám ngày ở Vịnh Bắc Bộ và dọc theo sông Hồng hoặc theo bờ biển Việt Nam theo yêu cầu của Du Khách đi nghỉ dưỡng theo đoàn.

Mộng Mơ Dream 1 ngày – Heritage Cruises

If you have limited time and want to see the beauty of Cat Ba Archipelago and Halong Bay in just one day, this is the ideal experience. It offers the natural wonders of two bays of the Tonkin Gulf in just 1 day.

Tìm Tòi Discover 2 ngày – Heritage Cruises

Cat Ba Archipelago is an exotic destination with pristine beaches, secluded lagoons, coves, tropical forest and lakes. On this program, find the best places for kayaking, biking and discovery.

Khám Phá Explore 3 ngày – Heritage Cruises

The Heritage Explorer Ocean Cruise is a program particularly designed for those who love exploring. Venture off the beaten track, go kayaking and visit floating fish farms and villages.

Viễn Thám Expeditions 4 ngày – Heritage Cruises

Feel and live the destination, don’t just cruise through it. Heritage Expedition is a program particularly designed for those who love exploring and immersing themselves in local life, nature, culture and adventure to discover the authenticity of the destination.

Thuê Cả Du Thuyền

We offer private charters for day-cruises, sunset cocktail/dinners, and parties or private one-, two- or three-night cruises for both leisure and professional events. Itineraries, dining options, entertainment and added services on land are fully customisable, guaranteeing the ultimate private experience for you and your guests.

Thuê Xe Limousine

A comfortable journey from Hanoi to Heritage Cruises – and return. We provide a door-to-door pick-up and drop-off service by Limousine, priced at only 50 USD per person for a round trip between Hanoi and Got Harbor in Cat Ba Archipelago.

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