Spedizioni Heritage Binh Chuan da sud a nord

Un’orgogliosa spedizione vietnamita sulla nave da crociera di design ispirata al patrimonio per celebrare i 100 anni dal leggendario viaggio del Binh Chuan..

A proud Vietnamese expedition on the heritage-inspired designer cruise ship to celebrate 100 years since the legendary voyage of the Binh Chuan.

Heritage Binh Chuan Expeditions offer the highest quality comfort on board our brand-new exclusive boutique ship, featuring air-conditioned en-suite rooms. Cruising at its finest. Your on-board Vietnamese cruise manager and crew ensure a personalized experience for every guest with exceptional service delivered at all times. Enjoy sophisticated haute cuisine as all meals are prepared using local ingredients cooked and served in traditional style, but with a modern twist.

We pride ourselves on our local partnerships and are dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service. Maintaining our local knowledge and positive relationships within the Vietnamese community is essential to providing each guest with a memorable cruising experience,

Travelers usually travel by road, rail, and air and we are pioneering a cruise along the coastline following the heritage route the King of Cruise Ships, Bach Thai Buoi took 100 years ago. Vietnamese are proud of the legacy of this first ship made in Vietnam, the Binh Chuan, and our expedition, inspired by that ship, allows foreigners to immerse themselves in Vietnamese arts, culture, heritage, and history on this history-inspired voyage.

Be the first on this iconic voyage along the legendary cruise route and unlock the most beautiful bays, beaches, and islands of Vietnam in various day trips from the ports of call such as Saigon, Nha Trang, Danang (for Hue and Hoian), Halong Bay, Cat Ba Archipelago.

Punti salienti Heritage Binh Chuan Spedizione :
  • Spedizione sulla prima nave boutique di lusso che naviga lungo la splendida costa isolata del Vietnam.
  • 9 notti a bordo della nostra migliore nave in un viaggio iconico seguendo le coste del Vietnam per la prima volta dal primo viaggio del 1920 alla scoperta del re delle navi da crociera, il nobile vietnamita Bach Thai Buoi.
  • Scopri le meraviglie naturali di Halong Bay e dell’Arcipelago Cat Ba, esplora le meravigliose isole, baie, spiagge, lagune in kayak e molto altro ancora.
  • Scopri le storiche città di mare e le iconiche destinazioni vietnamite con passeggiate storiche a Hoi An e l’antica capitale, Hue.
  • Crociera al tramonto nella baia di Nha Trang con spettacoli dal vivo, cocktail e cena.
  • Crociera al chiaro di luna sul fiume Saigon.
  • Goditi una cena da capitano con intrattenimento tradizionale.
  • Nuota dalla nave in baie isolate e incontaminate perfette per nuotare.
  • Sogna, esplora, immergiti e rilassati nel viaggio iconico della scoperta nel nostro orgoglioso viaggio vietnamita su una nave da crociera di design ispirata al patrimonio.
Itinerario Delineato:

Giorno 1- 18 Sep 2020: Saigon monumenti storici ei fascini nascosti. Pernottamento su Heritage Cruise (L/D)

Giorno 2- 19 Sep 2020: Escursione a Cu Chi tunnel e Vespa tour a Saigon. Pernottamento su Heritage Cruise (B/L/D)

Giorno 3- 20 Sep 2020: Saigon – Nha Trang. Pernottamento su Heritage Cruise (B/L/D)

Giorno 4- 21 Sep 2020: Esplora la campagna e la cultura di Nha Trang in bici o snorkeling nella baia di Nha Trang. Pernottamento su Heritage Cruise (B/L/D)

Giorno 5- 22 Sep 2020: Nha Trang – Hue. Pernottamento su Heritage Cruise (B/L/D)

Giorno 6- 23 Sep 2020: Hue tour della cittadela. Pernottamento su Heritage Cruise (B/L/D)

Giorno 7- 24 Sep 2020: Scopri la cucina reale e i monumenti storici di Hue. Pernottamento su Heritage Cruise (B/L/D)

Giorno 8- 25 Sep 2020: Hue – Hai Phong.  Pernottamento su Heritage Cruise (B/L/D)

Giorno 9- 26 Sep 2020: Lan Ha Bay. Pernottamento su Heritage Cruise (B/L/D)

Giorno 10– 27 Sep 2020: Lan Ha Bay – Partenza (B)

Arrival and Departure Notes:
Please note: Guides and drivers are not allowed inside the terminal building. We will be waiting for you outside with a Heritage Cruises sign. Hanoi Airport has two exits; if you don’t see us, please try the other exit on the same level (30 meters).


Per i passeggeri già ad Hanoi la sera prima, vi preghiamo di incontrarci nella hall del Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi Hotel alle 09:30

Hotel Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi
15 Ngo Quyen, Hoan Kiem

100000 Hanoi, Vietnam

Telephone  (+84) 24 3826 6919

Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi

Registrazione nella hall dell’hotel 08: 30-09: 00. L’autobus parte dal Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi alle 09:00. Arrivo nella baia di Halong alle 11:00.


Per i passeggeri già nella baia di Ha Long la sera prima, vi preghiamo di venire al porto di crociera internazionale di Halong. Il tempo di imbarco sarà tra le 12:00 e le 13:00.


Ti aspettiamo fuori con un cartello Heritage Cruises.


Per i passeggeri già a Saigon la sera prima, vi preghiamo di incontrarci nella hall dell’Hotel Majestic Saigon alle 09:30

Hotel Majestic Saigon

01 Dong Khoi Street District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, 70000, Vietnam

Tel: (84-28) 3829 5517



Per i passeggeri già a Saigon la sera prima, vi preghiamo di venire al porto di Nha Rong, a 10 minuti dall’Hotel Majestic Saigon. Il tempo di imbarco sarà tra le 12:00 e le 13:00.

Day 1- 18 Sep 2020:   Saigon historic landmarks and hidden charms. Overnight on Heritage Cruise (L/D)

Highlights: See Saigon’s highlights on this revealing half-day city tour. Learn about Vietnam’s cultural past from older Saigonese residents and follow up by exploring some colonial buildings and hidden corners that exemplify the local culture and the city’s colorful heritage.

This tour begins at 08:30 or 13:00 and starts with a visit to the iconic Saigon Central Post Office built between 1886 and 1891. Based on the design of French architect Foulhoux, it has a unique vaulted ceiling with wrought-iron beams and columns reminiscent of industrial architecture,

which is now considered a symbol of Saigon and one of its most famous landmarks. Stop for a chat with Mr Duong (if he is available), who enjoys local notoriety for his professional love letter-writing skills.

Walk along Dong Khoi street, formerly rue Catinat, and pay a visit to Gia Long Palace – Ho Chi Minh City Museum to admire its beautiful architecture and learn about the history of the city through the ages. Continue to Le Loi Street to meet a local artisan who specialises in traditional engravings.

Next, stroll through the old central market before arriving at the city’s oldest colonial-era apartment, built in 1886, and see what the young creative Vietnamese are up to in their funky boutiques and coffee shops. Sit down at one of the stylish cafés and chat with a local resident who moved here in 1975.

  • Optional (combined with half-day program): Enjoy a unique dining experience at NOIR; lunch in the dark before returning to the ship

Noir – Dining in the Dark: Of the five senses, sight dominates. Take away sight, and our other senses emerge to interpret the world from another perspective. Smell becomes more subtle. Taste becomes more acute. Hearing becomes more sensitive. Touch becomes more delicate. We invite you to experience a culinary journey through taste, smell, touch and sound. This is not simply dining, but rather a uniquely mind-altering experience where smell, taste, touch and hearing unite to bring you a completely new journey of the senses.

Day 2- 19 Sep 2020:   Excursion to Cu Chi tunnels and Vespa tour in Saigon. Overnight on Heritage Cruise (B/L/D)

Travel to the famous Cu Chi Tunnels in style on one of Les Rives’ luxurious speedboats, while learning about life on the river as you glide through the floating hyacinths. Explore the historic tunnels, from the weapons to underground bunkers. If you are feeling extra adventurous, you can even crawl through genuine Viet Cong tunnels and try the local cassava root, which the fighters sustained themselves on for years. After the blast from the past at the Cu Chi Tunnels, enjoy a traditional Vietnamese lunch right by the river and then relax as the graceful Les Rives speedboat takes you back to Saigon.

At roughly 1pm, you will be picked up on a restored vintage Vespa from Tan Cang pier to show you the best way to get off the beaten track in Saigon. While cruising through the bustling streets like a local on the back of a scooter, see the sites that you would never find on your own. Learn about Saigon life, such as the small family businesses in the big city, the Chinese community and their influence on medicine, Vietnamese customs and religion, and much more. Finish at a hidden, serene Buddhist Pagoda which has yet to be found by most tourists. At around 4:30pm, the tour comes to an end and you will be dropped off at the ship.

Day 3- 20 Sep 2020:   Saigon – Nha Trang. Overnight on Heritage Cruise (B/L/D)

Spend your time enjoying the beauty of transforming the landscape from the colorful, energetic city of Saigon to the breathtaking white sandy coast of Nha Trang. Also, experience the numerous fascinating onboard activities.

Day 4- 21 Sep 2020:   Explore countryside and culture of Nha Trang by bike or go snorkeling in Nha Trang Bay. Overnight on Heritage Cruise (B/L/D)

  1. Nha Trang islands and Snorkeling (Full day)

Pick up from the ship and transfer to Cau Da pier for your boat trip through Nha Trang Bay. Your first stop is the Tri Nguyen Aquarium on Mieu Island. You then head out to Hon Mun Island, the best location for snorkeling, where you can see a multitude of colorful corals and fish. Continue to Mot Island for relaxation, swimming and watersports. Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant on the island before stopping at a fishing village on the way back to shore.

  1. Nha Trang cycling tour (6 hours)

This is a special tailor-made cycling excursion, the ideal way to experience the “true” Vietnamese countryside and culture.

Pick up from Nha Trang port then transfer to Dien Khanh citadel. Start cycling through peaceful and picturesque Dien Binh villages, stopping at an orchard, village market, administration center, and local home. Continue to Memento, a characterful country house, for refreshments such as Vietnamese coffee or fresh coconut milk. Try your hand at fishing, have a traditional massage, or a special herbal hair treatment (at your own expense). Finally, drive to a local restaurant for a typical Vietnamese lunch, with local specialties such as spring rolls, before returning to the ship.

Day 5- 22 Sep 2020:   Nha Trang – Hue. Overnight on Heritage Cruise (B/L/D)

Today, you will be on this iconic voyage along the legendary cruise route and unlock the most beautiful bays, beaches, and islands of Vietnam from Nha Trang to Hue. You will have more time to experience an enticing blend of authentic classical French Indochina design and elegant Vietnamese charm and discover more stories about King of Cruise Ship – Bach Thai Buoi, from whom Heritage Cruise derives inspiration.

Day 6- 23 Sep 2020: Hue Insights tour. Overnight on Heritage Cruise (B/L/D)

On arrival at Chan May Port (Hue), disembark and meet your guide. Depart on a 90-minute drive to Hue along a scenic coastal route with mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. Upon arrival in Hue, explore the Imperial Citadel at the centre of the Complex of Hue Monuments, inscribed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Enter through the towering main gate and appreciate the magnificent architecture and gardens while your guide explains the events and the intrigue surrounding the former royal court. Drive to the Thien Mu Pagoda, Hue’s best-preserved religious monument. Built in 1601, the seven-storied tower pagoda, perched on top of a hill overlooking the Perfume River, is one of Vietnam’s most recognisable icons. After strolling around the pagoda, sit down and have a chat with the head monk, Thich Quang Dung, for insights into Buddhism in Vietnam and the daily life of a monk. Continue to Les Jardins De La Carambole, located just 400m from the main gate of the Forbidden City, a refined restaurant occupying a gorgeous colonial-style building. The menu is enormous, combining French, Italian as well as Hue specialties and a handful of other Vietnamese dishes. There’s a lengthy wine list and informed service. It’s just the place for a romantic meal. After lunch, visit the Tu Duc Royal Tomb, the most impressive of all the royal mausoleums, built by Emperor Tu Duc between 1864 and 1867. Whilst the complex does include a tomb, together with pavilions and temples, where Tu Duc was actually buried remains a mystery, with all 200 servants who buried the king beheaded to keep the location a secret from grave robbers. Later, watch a 30-minute Royal

Martial Arts performance held in the landscaped grounds of a martial arts school. A cultural tradition inherited from the Nguyen Dynasty, the skilled performance demonstrates several different martial arts techniques. After the performance, return to the port and your ship.

Day 7- 24 Sep 2020:   Experience royal cuisine and historic landmarks of Hue. Overnight on Heritage Cruise (B/L/D)

On arrival at the port (Chan May), disembark and meet your guide, then drive 90 minutes to Hue along a scenic coastal route passing mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. The delicate ingredients, preparation, and presentation of Hue royal cuisine have long been considered cultural hallmarks of the ancient imperial city. It is considered not only a sophisticated work of culinary art, but also the embodiment of the philosophy of the ancestors. Hue royal food is delicious and eye-catching, creating a harmony between color and taste, between yin and yang, between hot and cold. Meet your experienced chef who is in her late 60s and grew up in a royal family. Start by strolling through a food market and learn about and taste some of the ingredients used in royal cuisine and watch the buying and selling rituals of a Vietnamese market. Then head to her home for a hands-on cooking class of the food of the Imperial Court. She will share stories about her life and experiences, and you will then taste the dishes you have made. Afterwards, take an electric car ride through the Imperial Citadel, once the exclusive residence of the royal family and its entourage. Enter through the towering main gate and appreciate the magnificent architecture and gardens while your guide explains the events and the intrigue of the former royal court. Despite being bombed heavily during the 60s and 70s, there are some incredibly well-preserved sections and others which are being lovingly restored. Drive back to the port to embark the ship.

Day 8- 25 Sep 2020:   Hue – Hai Phong.  Overnight on Heritage Cruise (B/L/D)

Today, you will embark on Heritage Ocean Expeditions following the coastline of Vietnam to leave Hue for Cat Ba Archipelago, an exotic destination with pristine beaches, secluded lagoons, coves, tropical forest and lakes.

Day 9- 26 Sep 2020:   Lan Ha Bay. Overnight on Heritage Cruise (B/L/D)

8:00 – 8:30 You will be greeted  at your hotel to take the new highway to Got Ferry Terminal, Cat Hai Town, Haiphong City (if book our shuttle bus). You will travel on the longest bridge in Southeast Asia and be greeted at our lounge before boarding.

12:30 Board the Heritage Cruises boat and enjoy a welcome drink as you receive a cruise briefing, safety instructions and check in to your suite. Lunch is served at L’Indochine Restaurant.

12:40 Cruise to Da Chong islet, where you can see a heritage lighthouse built by the French more than 100 years ago. After lunch, cruise to Gia Luan Lagoon where limestone karst formations rise out of the sea. This quiet bay is untouched and remote, as not many cruise ships visit.

15:30 The cruise vessel approaches the Ba Trai Dao or Three Peach beaches in Lan Ha Bay, a natural frontier between the provinces of Halong and Haiphong. This secret hideaway has beaches, caves and coves, plus the spectacular natural beauty of about 400 islands. Guests can try kayaking or simply swim in the clear waters of the bay.

17:30 Back on Heritage Cruises, enjoy life aboard the vessel or in your suite, and with cocktail in hand watch the sunset over the Gulf of Tonkin.

18:30 Activities include afternoon tea and the chef will lead a Vietnamese cookery class.

19:30 A memorable dining experience will be offered at the restaurant, with local food in an intimate and romantic setting.

21:30 Enjoy evening views of the bay at the bar on the top deck. Try your hand squid fishing. The bars are open until late

Day 10 – 27 Sep 2020: Lan Ha Bay – Departure (B)

6:15 Start the day with a session of Vovinam on the sundeck,

6:45 The guests will enjoy a light breakfast on board.

7:15 Head off in a bamboo boat to explore the Dark and Bright Cave

9:00-9:30 Return to the ship for checkout.

10:00 Enjoy brunch while cruising back to harbour.

11:00 Return to Got Harbour and relax at our lounge while your transportation arrives.

12:10 Departure to Hanoi for those who have booked our Limousine service.

14:00 Approximate time of arrival in Hanoi, and drop-off at your hotel.


  • Private door-to-door pick-up & drop-off services
  • All private transportation, boat trips for excursions
  • Accommodation shared in double room with daily breakfast
  • All domestic flights
  • English speaking guide for excursions
  • Private boat trip as per tour
  • All meals as stated in the itinerary (B: Breakfast; L: Lunch; D: Dinner)
  • All sightseeing tickets
  • Tissues and water on coach
  • Vietnam visa on arrival pre-approved letter
  • Services charges and government tax
  • Exclusive and personalized single agent/single customer service
  • No extra charge after services confirmation
  • 24/7 hotline support guaranteed


  • International flights & departure taxes if any
  • Accommodation pre and post cruises
  • Personal expenses, tips and gratuities
  • Travel insurance
  • Beverage
  • Vietnam visa stamp fee (US$ 25 & 1 passport photo for each person)
  • Option tours and other services not mentioned above
Destinazione Vietnam

Il Vietnam, che sembra un drago in ascesa, si trova nella parte orientale della penisola dell’Indocina, delimitata dalla Cina a nord, dal Laos e dalla Cambogia a sud-ovest.

Il paese è diviso in tre regioni, nord, centro e sud, e copre un’area di 329.241 kmq, che si estende per 1.650 km da nord a sud.

Tre quarti del paese è montuoso e collinare, sede di numerosi gruppi di minoranze etniche. La topografia del Vietnam è varia e graduale dalla vetta più alta, il monte Fansipan, che raggiunge i 3.143 m, fino al livello del mare e le migliaia di isole carsiche che si protendono dalle acque turchesi del Golfo del Tonchino e del Mare Orientale.

Il delta del fiume Rosso (15.000 kmq) a nord e il delta del Mekong (oltre 40.000 kmq) a sud, e una stretta striscia lungo la costa, sono le aree più coltivate del paese.

I viaggiatori di solito viaggiano su strada, in treno e in aereo e stiamo sperimentando una crociera lungo la costa seguendo la rotta del re delle navi da crociera, Bach Thai Buoi ha preso 100 anni fa.

I vietnamiti sono orgogliosi dell’eredità di questa prima nave fabbricata in Vietnam, il Binh Chuan, e la nostra spedizione, ispirata a quella nave, consente agli stranieri di immergersi nelle arti, nella cultura, nel patrimonio e nella storia vietnamiti in questo viaggio ispirato alla storia.

Sii il primo in questo viaggio iconico lungo la leggendaria rotta di crociera e sblocca le baie, le spiagge e le isole più belle del Vietnam in varie gite di un giorno dai porti di scalo come Halong Bay, Cat Ba Archipelago, Danang (per Hue e Hoi An ), Nha Trang e Saigon.

Il Vietnam si trova nella zona dei monsoni tropicale e dell’Asia orientale. Il clima è determinato da due monsoni.

A nord la stagione delle piogge, in estate, dura da maggio a ottobre e la stagione secca, in inverno, dura da novembre ad aprile, e questo periodo è considerato il periodo migliore per viaggiare in Vietnam.

La temperatura media nel nord si aggira tra i 13 ° C e i 17 ° C in inverno con piogge occasionali e in estate da 27 ° C a 34 ° C.

Nel sud del Vietnam, il clima subisce meno variazioni con una temperatura media annuale intorno ai 27 ° C con abbondanza di sole, e qui ci sono molte meravigliose località balneari.

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