Heritage Express

Welcome to the Ocean!

We have designed our Heritage Lounge in Tuan Chau Marina, Halong. Here you can relax in comfort after the long journey from Hanoi or as a place for to rest after the cruise, while waiting for your transfer vehicle to pick you up.
Our Heritage Lounge is open air with a shaded area that benefits from the cooling ocean breeze. Refresh yourself with cool scented towels, sip our welcome drink, or opt for one of our legendary cocktails to truly unwind. Lined with sofas, comfortable rattan chairs, and bar stools, the Heritage Lounge is an ideal venue to chill out as its very ambience calms you down.
After taking a break in our stylish and cozy Heritage Lounge and Bar, you board our Heritage Express boat which takes just 10 minutes to reach our masterpiece, the Heritage Cruises ship, waiting for you in the natural wonder of Halong Bay.

The two Heritage Express boats are bespoke in design. The first is aluminium and has been built with SB (Inland water – Coastal line) classification and can carry 28 guests and 3 crew members. Twelve metres long and 3.15m wide, we use two Yamaha 200 horsepower, 4-stroke outboards with a top speed of 60 km per hour.

The second speedboat has been built using a composite with SI classification (Inland water) and can carry 27 guests and 2 crew members. It is slightly smaller, 9m long and 2.40m wide, but with Yamaha 250 horsepower, 4-stroke outboards packed with the latest technology it has a top speed of 60 km per hour.

On board, there are electric ventilators, drinking water, scented fresh towels, umbrellas, comfortable seats, safety jackets, and safety instructions for your convenience during excursions/transfers. Your safety is paramount to us, so we ensure you can enjoy your adventure safely. If you want to return to the harbor from anywhere in the bay, it only takes 30 minutes.