Tourism Etiquette

Essential information for an unforgettable journey of a lifetime.

Travel now is all about destinations, experiences, and memories. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first cruise, the travel information and advice we provide are valuable to enhance your experience and avoid unnecessary disappointment. Our desire is to make your journey safe and more enjoyable as you embark on a voyage of exploration, dreams, discovery, relaxation, and immersion in culture and nature aboard Heritage Cruises Binh Chuan, a masterpiece amidst wonders.


Heritage Cruises Binh Chuan welcomes guests all year round. From April to September is the ideal time to visit the Cat Ba area, Lan Ha Bay to enjoy the azure sea, white sand, and golden sunshine. The weather is hot, up to 40 degrees Celsius, with southerly winds, occasional rain, and sudden storms. This is also the peak season for domestic tourism.

From October to April, the weather is cool, cold towards the end of the year, with northerly winds and fog. There are sunny days but fewer than in summer. This season is often the peak season for foreign tourists. If you’re a Vietnamese tourist looking to escape the urban hustle and bustle, weekends are ideal for retreating to the islands and beaches.

What to Bring

We offer 1, 2, and 3-night stay options for guests. In the summer, you should bring umbrellas, sunglasses, shoes, sandals, swimwear for the pool and beach activities, and sunscreen to protect your skin. Bring plenty of beautiful clothes as we guarantee many chic check-in spots for beautiful photos. Don’t forget to bring your camera as well!

We do not encourage guests to bring alcohol, fruit, or food on board. We will charge a service fee and open bottles for any drinks at the restaurant and bar areas starting from 750,000 VND per bottle but you can bring cigarettes on board and only smoke in designated areas, but not in the bedrooms. All bedrooms have a smoke detection and fire alarm system, and if guests smoke in the rooms, the smoke and fire alarm system will automatically activate. We will fine up to 20 million VND for this offense.

Dress Code

The cruise is designed for customer experiences. Guests should dress comfortably for dynamic journeys and various activities on land, water, and aboard the cruise. We expect guests to dress elegantly on board and especially for dinner, which is fine dining, so formal attire is required. We have prepared traditional costumes for guests in the wardrobe for a sensory culinary experience. Dressing nicely, elegantly, and wearing shoes is mandatory at our Le Tonkin restaurant. If guests do not wear the traditional costumes we prepare for them, women should wear red or white dresses for dinner at sunset & evening on the cruise. Men should wear black pants with a white shirt or a dress shirt. There are many beautiful photo spots on the cruise, so we advise guests to bring additional outfits for different areas such as indoors, outdoors, the pool, and the beach to capture more beautiful moments.

What to Eat?

We have 2 restaurants and many dining spots available such as in-room dining, by the pool, and in the wine cellar. We offer diverse menus for guests to choose from. For the summer menu of the DISCOVER 2-day 1-night program, there is a buffet of Northern countryside specialties and seafood at the l’Indochine restaurant on the 3rd floor for guests to enjoy a panoramic view of nature. Dinner is a set menu or à la carte at the Le Tonkin restaurant on the 1st floor. Experience fine dining amidst the sea with lights, music, and a space rich in cultural essence aloft gentle waves. For breakfast, guests can enjoy pastries and coffee made by our chef on the cruise. For early lunch, guests will enjoy a self-service buffet. It’s better to take small portions multiple times to taste more dishes rather than taking a full plate and not finishing it. If you have any special dietary requirements, please inform the cruise manager in advance for proper arrangements.

What Activities?

At Heritage Cruises Binh Chuan, we offer numerous activities for guests to indulge in and enjoy. On board activities, on the water, and on land. Experience high-speed canoeing, cave visiting, kayaking, swimming…

There is a swimming pool on board, cooking activities, and guided art tours. Guests can read books, admire paintings, play chess, and many other activities. Guests can choose to relax in their rooms and enjoy the private balcony, gazing at the bay through large windows with ever-changing scenery.

Pool Regulations

The swimming pool is on the 3rd floor with bubble jets on both sides for guests to enjoy. The pool’s depth is uniformly 1.2 meters, suitable for all ages and very relaxing. Guests must wear proper swimwear and shower before entering the pool. We have separate showers for men and women, please use the stairs from the pool to the 2nd floor before using the pool shower. Urinating in the pool is not allowed. No diving, jumping, or running around the pool edge as slippery surfaces can cause accidents. Guests can swim, relax, and order drinks at the pool bar with a specific price menu. Children swimming must be accompanied by parents or guardians. The pool is open until midnight. The gym and sauna are open 24 hours, self-service for guests.

Other Regulations

On the cruise, we have many public areas for shared use in a civilized and polite manner. We expect guests not to take library books elsewhere, read and return them to the right place. Books are the property of the cruise as well as other properties such as towels and room amenities which we check daily. If guests wish, they can contact us to purchase them. Some areas like the library, gallery, and spa require absolute quietness, children are not allowed to run around and make noise. The ancient photos and paintings hanging on the cruise are very valuable and expensive. We kindly request guests not to touch them to avoid damage. Each painting has a value starting from $20,000. The Red River Lounge area has a piano and guitar for guests who know how to play, guests are absolutely not allowed to adjust the instruments on their own. After playing, guests must return the instruments back to their resting positions.

We hope that guests cruise responsibly, such as not littering into the sea, spitting indiscriminately, resting their feet on chairs, or smoking, including e-cigarettes, in public areas. Please turn off electricity and water when going out, use them economically. If guests are satisfied, they can tip the staff. It is not mandatory to tip, but the staff will appreciate it if guests do so as it is a good evaluation of service and satisfaction to encourage the team to provide quality service. With Heritage Binh Chuan, we implement civilized tourism, always green, clean, beautiful, safe, and polite on the heritage cruise, worthy of the predecessors of the Vietnamese aristocracy: Bach Thai Buoi.

What’s Interesting About Cruising?

Some of our guests find every moment on the cruise fascinating and want to continue, while others say that cruising is nothing special other than eating and sleeping.

Yes, indeed, there is eating and sleeping without any worries included, so it’s a restful relaxation. But focusing solely on these activities means missing out on many other memorable moments.

Cruising is about reconnecting with nature, the blue sea, white sand, golden sun, and the homeland’s islands. Guests can admire the scenery as an experience on the cruise, on the water, and on the islands. Heritage Binh Chuan itself is a destination to explore before exploring the world outside of nature. The experience includes even doing nothing, just admiring nature through the large windows and the ever-changing scenery, enjoying the tranquility, privacy, or being oneself in private spaces, connecting with objects and connecting with nature from the cabin amidst the sea.

Not only are there spacious rooms, private balconies, and sea-views, but we promise you an all encompassing experience on a masterpiece amidst nature, an experience to remember on the journey of memories of the king of ships Bach Thai Buoi.

Guests come to Heritage Binh Chuan to explore, dream, discover, relax, experience, and immerse themselves in cultural and natural heritage.

In addition to the activities mentioned in the itinerary, there are private moments in the room like admiring the ever-changing landscape through ceiling-to-floor windows or relaxing in the bathtub to connect with nature.

Choose beautiful spots for chic, unique check-ins at different times with friends and family, beautiful moments for beautiful photo memories.

If needed, you can ask our team for beautiful photo spots to preserve timeless memories. Don’t wait for moments to happen, create them yourself.

The moments of watching the sunrise at sea, or sipping a cocktail witnessing day turn to night, the magical colors of sunset, and the dance of clouds in the sky over the islands.

Admiring the moon amidst the bay and the tranquility of the sky and the ocean is also an experience to remember. Cruising now is all about exciting destinations, experiences, and memories.

Our cruise is designed for customer experience, cruising amidst natural wonders, truly offers many exciting experiences if we know how to appreciate them.

caves of Halong Bay

Cat Ba Archipelago

10 fascinating things about Lan Ha Bay that make travelers prefer exploring it over Halong Bay

Lan Ha Bay has just been named among the most beautiful bays in the world.

As a seasoned traveler, you must have visited Halong Bay and surely couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of nature, a wonder of the world and a must-visit destination for foreign tourists.

But few know that, adjacent to Halong Bay is Lan Ha Bay, which also boasts scenery like paradise with numerous limestone mountains protruding from the water, pristine forests, floating fishing villages, millennia-old culture, and many beach experiences and relaxation. It can be said that visiting Cat Ba Island and Lan Ha Bay allows you to go from the forest down to the sea in just one day.

From Hanoi, It takes around 120 minutes on the Hanoi – Hai Phong expressway to the Got Ferry to start your journey of discovery by cruise ship instead of 180 minutes to Halong Bay. The cable car system, soon to be operational, will take you from the mainland to the center of Cat Ba Island.

Below are 10 interesting points you should know when exploring Lan Ha Bay by Heritage Cruises. After visiting these points, travelers should book the Heritage Standard 4-day exploration program.

  1. Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Archipelago belong to Hai Phong city. Cat Ba Island is the largest island in the Cat Ba Archipelago and the second largest in Vietnam, after Phu Quoc Island.
  2. Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Archipelago, has just become a member of the World’s Most Beautiful Bays Club. The bay has nearly 400 small and large limestone islands, densely clustered together, beautifully wild, with many fascinating shapes. Cruising by boat, you will observe the islands much closer than Halong Bay.
  3. To visit Lan Ha Bay, tourists can depart from 2 main ports: Got Ferry Terminal and Beo Terminal. Got Ferry Terminal is where luxury 4-5-star cruise ships gather. Beo Terminal is where smaller boats gather, suitable for small groups and families. The world-famous magazine Travel and Leisure also recommends tourists to cruise with Heritage Binh Chuan to explore Cat Ba if traveling with family and young children.
  4. The number of tourists to Lan Ha Bay is not too high, which is the great advantage of Lan Ha Bay. Travelers truly live amidst pristine nature, without noise or dust, it’s greener, cleaner, and more beautiful.
  5. With nearly 400 small and large limestone islands of varying shapes, but distributed over a smaller area than Halong Bay, the limestone islands are quite close together, creating fascinating natural landscapes.
  6. Cai Beo Fishing Village is one of the largest floating fishing villages in Southeast Asia. In addition, there are dozens of fishing villages on the bay with thousands of people living on floating rafts in the sea, where tourists can learn about aquaculture and interact with extremely friendly fishermen.
  7. The number of natural beaches in Lan Ha Bay is countless when the tide is low. This bay has up to 139 small, pristine sand beaches, nestled between two mountain ranges, with crystal-clear seawater to the bottom – making them safe and ideal beaches. Travelers can freely stop the boat anywhere and enjoy swimming. Beautiful pristine beaches must be visited, such as Ba Trai Dao, Cay Bang Beach, Pineapple Beach, Monkey Island…
  8. On some small islands in Lan Ha Bay, there are resorts to meet the needs of travelers who want to stay overnight. The service quality is quite good, and the beautiful beaches are the highlights of these resorts.
  9. Viet Hai Fishing Village, located near Lan Ha Bay, is a must-visit destination. This is an ancient village, surrounded by pristine forests under absolute protection. Travelers can ride bicycles or electric cars to visit the village. There are also some homestays in the village serving travelers who want to stay overnight.
  10. Travelers can combine visiting Lan Ha Bay with Cat Ba National Park, home to the Cat Ba Langur with only 60 individuals left in the world according to the Red List, with exploration of Ngu Lam Peak, Quan Y Cave, Trung Trang Cave, a local market, a fishing port, and the ancient Vạn Vân fish sauce factory on Cat Ba Island.

Where does the shuttle bus pick up and drop off?

We provide a 9-seat limousine D’Car from Hanoi to Tuan Chau international marina (Halong Bay). We pick up and drop off guests at hotels or private homes within the old quater area of Hanoi center.

Travelers can concentrate at a pick-up point such as the Opera House or 56 Ly Thai To. When booking a cruise, make sure to book this shuttle service and specify the specific pick-up point. Our shuttle buses have the cruise logo and driver’s phone number for easy communication. The travel time from Hanoi to Tuan Chau Marina is 180 minutes via expressway 5B. Ensuring comfort and safety for travelers, our drivers will stop for 15 minutes at a rest area on the expressway for passengers to use the restroom, relax, and stretch their legs.

Boarding the cruise ship.

After resting in the Heritage Lounge Waiting Room, guests only take 20 minutes to transfer to the main ship of Heritage Cruises Binh Chuan, a masterpiece amidst the natural wonder of Halong Bay, by high-speed boat.

Travelers can charter the Heritage Express or Speedboat to be picked up separately at Got Ferry Terminal, Tuan Chau, or the international port of Halong to board Heritage Cruise, with additional charges. If travelers charter the entire cruise with their own itinerary, you can arrive at the port from 11:30 to 12 noon and board the ship when ready.

If you arrive at Cat Bi Hai Phong Airport, it will take you 60 minutes to reach our pier and 30 minutes from Van Don Airport. We will arrange a private shuttle service at an additional cost, please contact us if you require this service.

How to find the Lux Cruises Lounge?

If you are driving, you take national highway 5B or provincial highway 18 from Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi) to Tuan Chau Island, turn into the island along the main road, drive to the end of the U-shaped road and find lot 28B of Tuan Chau International Port, the Heritage waiting Lounge is on the quiet side across from the U of Tuan Chau’s ferry terminal.

You can park your car at Tuan Chau Pier before entering the Heritage Binh Chuan Cruise Lounge. Our port area and lounge have 24/7 contact numbers, please call +84-797-515-588 for guidance.

What is fine dining?

On our cruise ship, we aim to diversify culinary experiences for travelers, where dining is not just about eating a lot but eating well, enjoying the flavors of each dish on the 5-course menu, serving Vietnamese-European style dinners, Northern-style restaurant space, and enjoying fine-dining culinary experiences.

The concept of dining out has been elevated to fine-dining – referring to the culinary essence of the West with elaborate cooking techniques paired with communication and behavior etiquette, table manners (how to use glasses, cutlery…) as well as dress code when dining out.

Starting with salmon salad appetizer, mushroom soup, baked lobster, choice of seafood or beef for the main course, and homemade opera cake and ice cream for dessert. Each dish brought out by the restaurant manager will introduce each dish and the special preparation of the Chef. We also have a wine cellar for guests to select fine wines for a dinner amidst the wonders of the bay alongside beloved ones

The head chef, dressed in a white kitchen uniform and tall hat, will greet and interact with guests after the main course to welcome them and listen to feedback on the culinary experience, such as listening to suggestions for continuous improvement and revealing secrets of delicious dishes, especially why the beef is tender, cooked from inside out, and so flavorful.

An experience that might be unfamiliar to some guests is the fact that dishes are not served promptly to the table every day, so please do not rush the restaurant staff or blame them for serving slowly. We follow standard procedures. Explore this exciting culinary experience aboard a masterpiece amidst wonders like connoisseurs of fine dining.

To enhance the heritage touch, we have prepared a traditional costume as the standard dress code for a truly memorable fine dining experience at sea.

Personalize the fine dining experience for sophisticated travelers on Heritage Binh Chuan.

Phone and Wi-Fi signals are very weak when entering Lan Ha Bay. This is a common situation on all cruises in the Cat Ba Archipelago. Cruising will take you into the 400 limestone islands and beautiful beaches, where phone and Wi-Fi signals will either be absent or very weak, even though we have tried to anchor in places with the strongest signals based on the captain’s experience. We believe in leaving phones, busy work, and fully dedicating 24-hour, 48-hour, or 36-hour leisure time to immerse in nature, culture, and heritage, talk to loved ones, participate in activities on the sea, on the cruise ship, and on the water surface, enjoy every moment, and create memories.

This may seem illogical, but it makes sense when you want to spend a whole day of rest after a long tiring week. When cruising, phone signals are almost non-existent or intermittent (sometimes strong). Therefore, if you have work commitments and need to work while on vacation, you should not choose a cruise ship in the middle of the bay where you still need to connect and work. You should not “embrace” work when you have set foot on the ship. Phone and Wi-Fi signals start at Tuan Chau Port in Ha Long City, where phone and Wi-Fi signals are available. In the bay, signal strength is usually weak in the evenings when you are on the sundeck.

How to become a civilized tourist?

Avoid making noise, cutting lines, occupying space

Many travelers have the habit of playing loud music, or speaking loudly, which makes locals and other tourists uncomfortable. Some occupy 2-3 seats in public places with their personal belongings, sleep while others have no place to sit. Some spend half an hour finding the perfect spot for photos and continue taking pictures until satisfied, disregarding those waiting. Quite a few try to cut lines to save time.

In civilized countries, maintaining a quiet environment is almost a minimal behavior in public places. No one plays loud music, speaks loudly, and horn honking is extremely rare. Noise pollution is also a dangerous type of pollution, especially in tourist spots. On the other hand, yielding space to others is a way to be respected and happy, rather than occupying it just for the sake of “having fun while traveling.” If they want to sing karaoke or dance in groups, they will choose a time to avoid disturbing others.

Respect service providers

Many tourists have the mentality of “I paid for it, so I should get my way” by all means to satisfy their own needs and blame service providers. They leave their rooms messy, even damaged furniture, when leaving hotels. They are ready to scold restaurant staff when served the wrong dish or slow service. They get angry with flight attendants when reminded.

Civilized tourists will minimize behaviors that cause inconvenience to service providers. Keeping the hotel room tidy not only reduces the workload for room service but also makes the guests themselves feel comfortable. Being polite and generous with waitstaff, receptionists, and drivers will help you enjoy better service. In many cases, respecting and following instructions is also a way to ensure safety for yourself and your companions. In addition, gratitude is never redundant.

Protect the environment

Not many tourists are willing to carry trash in their bags to take home for disposal. On the contrary, many are willing to pick flowers, break branches for a few minutes of posing for photos and vandalize walls, doors, artifacts to prove “I’ve been here”. They think that doing these trivial things makes them happy and “doesn’t affect anyone.” In fact, many small ugly acts accumulate into big or very big consequences, which countless tourist destinations have and are suffering from: what used to be beautiful places now become garbage dumps, destroyed without remorse and if restoration is desired, it will take a lot of time and money. A civilized tourist will preserve the natural environment and culture even if they only visit a place once in their lifetime.

Don’t post emotional reviews without evidence

In the era of social media development, every tourist can become a news disseminator. But not everyone has enough time and courage to consider before posting comments, reviews about the tourist spots they have visited. The trend of “exposing” accompanied by “living virtually” is encouraged by the crowd because it gains popularity, increases likes, views, and follows faster than honest reviews.

Sometimes, just being dissatisfied with a dish or being overcharged compared to the menu, tourists are willing to post harsh criticisms on social media. Conversely, there are also tourists who excessively praise the places they have been to, exaggerating their experiences to show that the decision to travel was wise, smart, “worth it”, making those who come after disappointed because reality doesn’t match what’s on the internet.

Civilized tourists will always be cautious when reviewing places they have been to, services they have received. Full and objective information will be recorded and shared widely because they understand that such information is useful to many people. Emotional comments will be carefully considered because they know that the satisfaction of each person depends on subjective factors of each tourist. Objective, complete, and timely reviews are the civilized actions of a tourist, and many will be grateful for that.