Experiences with Lux Cruises

(Vietnam Today) – Nowaday, luxury yatchs have become a new tourist trend in Vietnam. Lux Cruises luxury cruise line provides customers with top-quality services and constant improvement in experiences for travelers, especially international travelers. Lux Cruises is a combination of 3 yachts under 2 brands: Emperor Cruises and Heritage Cruises, operating in the most beautiful

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Travel Sustainable badge for Heritage Cruises Binh Chuan Cat...

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With the gradual return of traveling comes a shift in behavior among travelers from around the world. According to Booking.com’s 2022 Sustainable Travel Report*, an encouraging 87% of Vietnamese travelers say they have stayed in a sustainable accommodation over the past year, and they are encouraged to do so again soon. Nearly half (42%) of Vietnamese travelers

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HANOI: The former capital of French Indochina and now...

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In autumn of 1010, Emperor Ly Thai To decided to move the capital of the kingdom to Dai La (Hanoi today) from Hoa Lu (present Ninh Binh). He was mindful that the place was an ideal location with many advantages for wet rice farming and traffic thanks to a number of waterways, especially the Red

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WTM London 2022: Lux Group to WOW travel agents...

(Hanoi, Vietnam, September 27, 2022) With consumer behavior and booking patterns now changing, the upcoming 43rd edition of World Travel Market London will be showcasing how the industry has evolved and reshaped itself over the last two years to meet the demands of the new consumer market. This is truly a must-attend show that will bring

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What is a travel management company?

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Global business travel industry spending was expected to hit USD 1.7 trillion by 2022, and despite the crisis, business travel is bouncing back fast. It means many businesses are now looking for a TMC: Travel Management Company so that they’re as prepared as can be for when business travel returns to 100%. A travel management

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