One of Vietnam’s most loved gifts to the world is its cuisine. Vietnamese food knows no borders and is appreciated for its freshness and unique mix of textures, flavors and aromas.

Heritage Cruises takes you on a culinary journey offering plenty of venues to eat, drink and relax. You will have plenty to discover at our two restaurants, indoor and outdoor lounges, wine cellar and a delightfully fun pool bar – situated beside a swimming pool.

Bach Dang Wine Cellar

In 938AD, Ngo Quyen led his forces at the Battle of Bach Dang River, close to Halong Bay and the Cat Ba Archipelago, to defeat the invading forces of the Southern Han, a Chinese state, and put an end to centuries of Chinese domination in Vietnam.

At high tide Ngo Quyen lured the enemy up the river, where he had secured poles in the riverbed. At low tide the Han found their ships impaled on the poles and they subsequently sunk. Ngo Quyen’s tactic would later be reused by Tran Hung Dao in another battle at Bach Dang River, this time against the Mongols, in 1288.

Named after these celebrated battles, the Bach Dang Wine Cellar has a winning selection of wines. You can visit our Wine Cellar with our sommelier or cruise director to choose the best wine to complement your menu choice at dinner in Le Tonkin Restaurant.

We also offer the opportunity to dine in the wine cellar, subject to availability, where the low lighting and mysterious surrounds create an intimate experience for any special occasion.

Le Tonkin

Welcome to Le Tonkin, Annam!

Using the old name of North Vietnam in French Indochina, the décor of Le Tonkin, where your evening meal is served, reflects the nostalgia of traditional Tonkin.

Our cuisine has the freshest and finest ingredients that are available and takes our guests on a culinary journey. Every course is infused with creativity and served with passion.

Our extensive wine list is selected by sommeliers, in consultation with our chefs, to ensure that your wine choice complements the cuisine from our kitchen. Whether you seek contemporary cuisine or classical perfection, our chefs are there to serve a dining experience that transcends the genre, raises the bar, and creates a lasting impression.

This attention to detail, combined with the attentive but discreet service by our staff, matches the standards set in the world’s finest hotels. A meal in Le Tonkin gives you an experience that is as delicious as it is unforgettable.


The culinary experience aboard Heritage Cruises is meant to inspire you to discover more about Vietnam, as food is such an integral part of the travel experience. You will not only enjoy new and classic flavors, but also a taste of the culture of this beautiful region.

Indochina is a geographical term originating in the early 19th century and referring to the continental portion of the region now known as Southeast Asia. The term was later adopted as the name of the colony of French Indochina including Vietnam (Tonkin (North Vietnam), Annam (Central Vietnam), Cochinchine (South Vietnam)), Cambodia, and Laos.

L’Indochine Restaurant is located on the Panorama Deck and enjoys stunning views. Our guests take breakfast, brunch de luxe and lunch here, either indoors or outdoors, whatever your preference.

At Heritage Cruises dining is not just about the menu. We craft dining experiences and our carte du jour is in the capable hands of Iron Chef, whose passion for gastronomy results in a fine-dining experience involving local and fusion cuisine drawing on Asian and Western influences. Our sommelier can also help you to choose your favorite wines from our wine cellar.

Pool Bar

Boutique cruises are intimate in scale, creating the ambiance of being a personal guest in a private floating home away from home, rather than just a cruise passenger. You often have communal “social spaces” where you can interact.

Enjoy the leisurely atmosphere at our stylish swimming pool and Pool Bar, a social area for swimming, cocktails and for fun.

The Pool Bar is located between the Song Hong Lounge and the Pool and here you can savor a cocktail or a chilled glass of wine in the rooftop bar.  Soak up the sun, have a dip in the pool and then swim up to the poolside cabana for a refreshing drink while checking out the panoramic views of the islands in Halong Bay or the Cat Ba Archipelago. What more could you want from a vacation?

The fully stocked pool bar, which is open until late, has a fine selection of wines from the new and old world as well soft drinks and healthy snacks.

Moments Outdoor Lounges

Our Outdoor Lounges have been designed with your comfort in mind and as a space where you can watch the sun rise or set. The Outdoor Lounge at the stern of the ship connects with L’Indochine Restaurant and can also be reached via stairs from the upper deck.

Alternatively, we have another Outdoor Lounge at the bow of the ship, also on the Panorama Deck. Both lounges have comfortable sun loungers and at the front there is plenty of shade under a cooling canopy, plus a fully stocked rooftop bar, perfect for sundowners.

At night, after dinner, you can enjoy movies under the stars here and we have a selection of the most recent movies as well as classic films about Vietnam and the region.

Indoor Song Hong Lounge

Named after the longest river in the north of Vietnam, up on the Panorama Deck, the ship’s air-conditioned Indoor Song Hong Lounge, where you step back in time to the 1930s, is the perfect place to relax in comfort and to observe life on the riverbank as you cruise by. Sink into a plump couch angled to optimize the engrossing, ever-changing -landscapes through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Order a fresh tropical fruit cocktail, a local beer or fine European wine from the fully stocked bar or treat yourself to afternoon tea. In the evening talented local artists perform here.

Originating in China, the Red River (Song Hong in Vietnamese) flows through the capital, Hanoi, and several provinces in the north of the country, creating a fertile Red River Delta, before emptying into the Gulf of Tonkin.

24h Room Service

Despite all the unique venues to eat, drink and socialise aboard Heritage Cruises, we cannot blame those who prefer to stay as much as possible in the privacy and comfort of our gorgeous suites.

This is why we offer complementary 24h room service – from a romantic breakfast in bed to a late night Phở.

Our room service menu choices range from quick bites to full meals, and all our drinks can be delivered to your room upon request as well. For those who want to surprise someone special with a custom-order, just contact us in advance and we will work together with our Executive Chef to prepare something unforgettable.

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