Heir to the legacy of Vietnam’s king of ships

Inspired by the heritage and noble spirit of the entrepreneur, Bach Thai Buoi, who was recognized as the ‘king of ships’ in Vietnam in the early 20th century, Lux Group founder Pham Ha rewrites the story of the country’s cruise industry. 

In the mid-1980s, Pham Ha accompanied his father on the large cruise ship Thong Nhat, bought from Norway after liberation to help people earn a living, that sailed along the Vietnamese coastline, from north to south. As a boy from the countryside, Pham Ha’s eyes were opened to the outside world and the experience and beautiful scenery made a huge impact on him and captured his heart. From then on, his childhood dream was to own a cruise ship.

As he grew up, Pham Ha showed an ability to speak foreign languages and as a student he became interested in the tourism industry. Working as a tour guide, his fluency in English and French enabled him to show off Vietnamese culture and people to foreign tourists.

The journey with his father from Haiphong to Saigon helped him to realize that each new destination brings a new perspective, new vision and new thinking, which can positively affect people. The beauty of travel is not just going from one point to another, but a journey of life experiences.

Vietnam started to develop its tourism industry in the early 1990s when it opened its doors to foreign tourists, but more than a decade later, travel companies were still having to work hard to attract them to the country. Backpackers were coming in their droves, but the accommodation choices were limited, not good quality, and service standards were poor.

Thanks to his early good fortune, Pham Ha had a vision for the future combined with his personal determination to succeed, and he decided to take a totally different direction by concentrating on meeting the small, but growing, demand for quality accommodation and higher standards of service.

In 2004 he founded Luxury Travel, focusing on the niche luxury market for big spenders, creating the right travel products, providing authentic and unique experiences, and offering personalized service, catering to the wishes of individual customers. Very quickly he became the acknowledged luxury travel expert in the field. And he did this with only a starting capital of 1,000 USD.

For Ha, happiness is a journey, not a destination, and his aim was purely to make visitors to Vietnam happy and understand the culture and history of his beloved homeland.

For Ha, happiness is a journey, not a destination, and his aim was purely to make visitors to Vietnam happy and understand the culture and history of his beloved homeland.

Many friends and colleagues were sceptical about this bold idea and were worried that he might be being a little reckless. But Ha was determined, and he asserted that in order to succeed, he must find a new direction, be a pioneer, and become an expert in that field.

In the early days of his career, his father gave him a lot of encouragement, strength and faith in his own abilities. He advised him to go away to study in the city, always believe in himself, never get discouraged, and succeed without becoming arrogant. “Live well, my son” he said. He always strongly believed in the ability of his children and encouraged them to pursue their dreams and to strive to be the best, whatever they did. He urged him to take the first steps to opening his own business and not be afraid to venture into the unknown.

Always be a pioneer

Starting a business in Vietnam was difficult, especially in the early 2000s, and with such a small amount of capital. Red tape and policies changed frequently, and the internet was still a new thing in Vietnam. Pham Ha’s biggest challenge was to get the message out about Luxury Travel and to encourage guests to book through him. He had to find a new way to achieve this.

When many people didn’t understand the capability of the internet or how to use it effectively, Ha realised that this technology would be the key to helping him to make money. He tinkered around on the computer and started to build a website that met international standards and had the technology to take credit card payments. Right from 2004, when e-commerce was little known in Vietnam, tourists around the world who wanted to visit Vietnam were able to book tours and pay online through Luxury Travel’s website.

After just four years, https://luxtraveldmc.com  was recognized by the Ecommerce Development Center (EcomViet) and Vietnam E-Commerce Association as one of the top 10 websites in the country.

“I dared to think outside the box and take a risk. If we pioneer and become the best in our field, we will be able to dominate the market. My success is thanks to continuing innovation, creativity, and taking those risks” Ha said.

Luxury Travel encountered difficulties in the 2008 financial crisis, along with everybody else. There were also difficulties when visitor numbers started to increase in general to Vietnam, as there weren’t enough high-end hotels available to meet the demand and the infrastructure was poor. The company found that it had to pay over the odds to 5-star hotels, to guarantee rooms for their guests, as hotels could easily fill their rooms and showed no loyalty to wholesale travel companies.

As tourism to Vietnam continues to increase, one of the biggest challenges for the tourist industry is human resources, finding suitable employees with the service and language skills to meet the requirements of international and increasingly sophisticated domestic tourists.

Fifteen years ago, this was an even greater problem. Pham Ha had to recruit and train young people who had excellent foreign language skills, but did not have the professional knowledge and expertise in the tourism service industry. He had to teach them sales techniques and soft skills, even writing emails to guests. But he stressed, the most important factor for the tourism industry is personnel having the right attitude.

“Young people, especially students, are a blank sheet of paper, but it is harder to train those who are already in the workplace and may have fixed ideas. For training, I prefer new graduates because giving them the skills to develop the appropriate attitude will be the first thing to draw on that blank piece of paper. In the service industry, attitude is of the utmost importance, but the most difficult to learn” Ha said.

Ha’s childhood dream of owning a cruise ship became a reality.

Touching hearts to win over luxury travelers

For the Chairman of the Lux Group, it is not only customers who are the service users, but also his company employees. In order to please external customers, the guests, he must firstly satisfy internal customers, his employees.

“My management style is to look after my employees so that they will look after our customers as well” Ha shared.

Pham Ha treats colleagues the same way he expects them to treat their upmarket customers.

Pham Ha treats colleagues the same way he expects them to treat their upmarket customers, by listening and with consideration. He maintains an equal relationship between himself, the boss, and his employees.

He might have to wear an elegant suit when entertaining guests in smart restaurants, but in the office he dresses as they do, in a T-shirt, jeans, and sports shoes. Out of the office, at a company dinner, the employees always join the senior management team at the same table.

“I am a leader without position as I do not need power to be successful. Leadership is the art of influencing and sharing a vision for people to follow and achieve. Your vision is your future. Absolutely everyone is listened to and their ideas respected” Ha added.

As a leader, Ha always likens himself to being a bus driver, taking his employees on a journey with a mission of bringing happiness, based on the ‘5 Ps’: passion, people, purpose, planet, profit.

He ensures that his employees are aware that their clients are really the only ‘boss’ in the company. In order to bring in money and a better life for all, there must not only be many customers, but they must also be satisfied with the level of service they receive. That way, they come back time and again and recommend Luxury Travel to other wealthy guests. Word of mouth is free but powerful advertising.

According to the Lux Group management team, building a corporate culture is a must, one in which everyone must understand the thinking of the clients and translate this into action. The end of the working day is 5.30 pm at Lux Group, but many people often voluntarily stay at work until nearly 9 pm, to complete their work and ensure the best outcome for clients. Ha’s secret is empowering and trusting the employees to work well.

“If you believe, you have to give power, but if you want to give power, you must know exactly what your staff need and how to develop them. The key is to find the right people for the right work. I only employ the smartest people who share my values”.

The task of the leader is to set goals for employees and for them to work hard to find ways to achieve them. Empowering employees to be creative and innovative is important. For new recruits, the company ensures that it creates the ideal environment for them to use their talents, to listen to them and put into practice new ideas if they are feasible and effective. And, of course, to recognize their achievements by rewarding them well.

Leading with kindness is the key for Ha to retain his talented staff because, without training employees will inevitably leave, and training brings benefits and creates an environment where employees want to stay.

“My efforts go into creating an environment of creativity, empowerment, fairness and reward. This approach has encouraged everyone to contribute and the organization has gone from strength to strength with a consistently happy team”.

The biggest goal he sets is that 99% of customers must be satisfied with their travel experience of the company. The customer is not a king until the employee treats them as a king and, at the same time, treats their colleagues the same way to ensure the absolute best in teamworking.

According to Ha, there is not one simple definition of luxury as everybody has a different view depending on their own needs. For example, a person who has traveled to more than 70 countries like Ha, luxury is not a new concept so personalization to meet their requirements precisely is paramount.

At Lux Group, luxury travel is defined as experiences and personalized services. To win over luxury customers, the key is to understand the customer completely and to be able to provide experiences that meet their expectations, touch their hearts, and even give them a pleasant surprise. “Customers only buy the products that best meet their needs, so it is important to understand our customers to be successful in sales” Ha said.

High-end spenders only account for 3 per cent of the total number of visitors to Vietnam. Unlike mass tourism, where many people prefer to travel in groups, upmarket tourists often travel in small groups of family and friends with specific requirements such as privacy, unique, and unusual experiences.

Luxury tourism is no longer a narrow concept limited to staying in 5-star hotels, but ranges across the whole experience including the method of transport, such as helicopter or seaplane, and excursions that are not normally available to regular tourists, such as a private viewing in an artist’s studio. To these clients, the most important aspect is that it is memorable.

Seniors have money, education, experience, are well-traveled, and know exactly what they want, so Ha ensures his staff are particularly well trained and endeavours to offer new products regularly, continually upgrading to meet the highest standards.

Tourism is a key journey, so the Lux Group always focuses on creating heart-warming memories for customers at every point of dealing with the company, from the initial contact, either through personal recommendation or the website, talking to employees, and making the booking. Customers always enjoy personalized service at each stage of the booking.

“A brand is like a promise; customers buy brand promise. If expectations are met and even surpassed, the guests will feel completely happy and even wowed by the whole experience. They are then guaranteed to tell friends and family who will want to find out more” Ha shared.

Doing business is to show empathy, loyalty, and responsibility, qualities that Pham Ha particularly admired in the noble spirit of Bach Thai Buoi, who promoted Vietnamese society so that An Nam, at the beginning of the 20th century, could revive the economy, encourage development, and create a noble class strong enough to rebuild the country and compete with the Chinese and French.

Ha’s childhood dream of owning a cruise ship became a reality.

He was inspired to build Heritage Cruises, a boutique-style brand that is the essence of Vietnamese heritage, rich in culture, history, art, and the quintessence of the north. This unique ship is based on a design seen on old postcards and imbues the spirit of the ship, Binh Chuan, that Bach Thai Buoi launched more than 100 years ago on September 7, 1919.

This historic ship, the largest vessel in An Nam at that time, was the first ship to sail from Cua Cam, Haiphong to Saigon and arrived in port on September 17, 1920. It was warmly received by the business community there who saw the possibilities to create new markets and business and revive national pride – “le premier bateau Annamite à Saigon”- the first Annamese ship to dock in Saigon.

“I acknowledge the culture, traditions, and aristocratic spirit of the early 20th century. That is the reason tourists come, to learn about the culture and history and get under the skin of the country” Ha stated.

Bach Thai Buoi also implemented his principles for the market: trade, trust, perseverance, energy, respect for profession, trade association, public relations, thrift, and focus on the domestic market. His values and business lessons still apply to the current trading conditions to manage effectively businesses and succeed in the marketplace.

“Money is just a tool; the most important thing is what we bring to society”. For Ha, money is not the most important aspect of his work; his passion for what he wants to achieve is the main reason that led him to work in travel, and this helps him to continue his lifelong project and be determined to develop this service industry to the benefit of all.

Ha admits that he is passionate about art and culture. Collecting works of art is a personal hobby which helps him to maintain a work/life balance, as he feels that it is sometimes necessary to slow down to feel better, more creative and happier. You always do what you like and like what you do. He especially likes the paintings by artist Pham Luc, known as the Picasso of Vietnam, because they touch his emotions. In Pham Luc’s paintings, Ha relives his childhood, his parents’ war memories, and Vietnamese stories told through the intriguing combination of colors, lines, and shapes.

That is the reason why hundreds of paintings by Pham Luc are displayed on Emperor Cruises ships (part of the Lux Group) in Nha Trang and Ha Long. Heritage Cruises is the first floating art cruise in Vietnam, as Ha has created a small onboard art gallery featuring the artworks of Pham Luc, works of other famous Vietnamese artists, and rare artworks from the Indochina School of Fine Arts.

Ha said that visitors are very excited about this unique concept and he plans to hold an art auction on the cruise soon. He has just completed his second book about Pham Luc called “A life of art”, following his first book “Picasso of Vietnam, paintings and life”.

The founder of Lux Group said: “A good life is a successful one when judged by others. Our personal contentment, when we do something well, is felt deep within our soul, our heart and our mind”.


The Luxcruises ( Heritage Cruises and Emperor Cruises) are seeking a Sales Manager who will lead, develop and inspire the cruise, leisure and tourism travel sales team to achieve our cruise sales targets.

The Sales Manager will provide the leadership to enable the company to achieve its sales goals, by promoting business profitability, monitoring performance, developing new business and effectively utilizing resources.

The Sales Manager reports to DOS/DOSM and shall submit the sales strategy and implement the approved business plans.

The responsibilities of the Sales Manager are:
• Understand the company’s vision, mission, purpose and values and be able to articulate them to the staff and partners.

  • Ensure effective human resources management, development in sales team, coach and grow a strong cruise sales team in both Hanoi, Nha Trang and Saigon offices.
  • Keep, develop a productive partnership with travel agents, tour operators, MICE planners.
  • Keep and enrich a database of clients both b2b and b2c. Coordinate with our reps in various markets.
    • Communicate with clients in the most effective ways. Customer Retention Management (CRM) campaigns including segmented e-mail campaigns, brochure launches & direct sales activity.
    • Ensure strict adherence to control and compliance requirements.
    • Establish and maintain an effective local marketing and sales strategy (Direct sales B2C, B2B contracts)
    • Analysis of success of offline sales campaigns and ongoing modifications where possible.
    • Prepare and/or attend the trade shows, sales calls, events if required.
    • Lead the sales team to ensure high energy, customer focused with a consistent focus on sales Key Performance Indicator (KPI’s).
    • Set, agree and execute performance against all Key Performance Indicator’s, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually.
    • Measure and track actual performance versus budget performance and make any necessary adjustments.
    • Monitoring and reporting of Luxcruises performance and process
    • Maximize revenue by driving up-selling opportunities through tactical selling
    • To actively resolve and investigate customers feedback, issues and queries
    • Engage with suppliers to maximize key selling opportunities liaise with product & commercial, marketing and other departments
    • Daily work with experiences manager/director on board, captain to improve customer’s experiences
    • Arrange media and fam trips for travel professionals, both domestic and international TOs, TAs.
    • Escort and provide “wow” experiences for VIP clients, big groups, charters when necessary
    • Ensure high sales work rate, high occupancy of the boats further to set goals. Meet the annual sales target personally and the whole team.
    • Ensure an effective development of informatics technology, operations system, website, social media.
    • Develop external relationships and partnerships and represent the company (State agencies, third party, media, industry)
    • Proven track record of management across different cultures and good company culture.
    • Strictly follow the process of the company and the provision of customer services
    • Perform any other related duties incidental to the work described herein.
    The skills required for the Sales Manager are:
    • Passionate, luxury-minded person who can speak luxury travel industry in Vietnam and Indochina and experiential cruising travel
    • Two years of experiences required in a similar position in cruises, hospitality, travel and tourism.
    • Exceptional experience in people, coaching and leadership skills
    • Excellent in soft skills and sales management
    • Proven track records driving call centre motivation and change management
    • Experience of working in the leisure travel, hotel, tourism and cruise industry preferred
    • Able to think and operate strategically as well as tactically
    • Task focused deliverer with an exceptional drive for change and quality
    • Creative and proactive approach to problem-solving
    • Excellent numeracy skills to understand sales figures and how to leave them to improve sales performance
    • Ability to work under pressure and to deadlines
    • Travel industry and tour operating experience desirable
    • Ability to demonstrate excellent communication and influencing skills
    • Commercially and customer-focused with an ability to drive strong sales performance
    • Excellent in English and Vietnamese in both speaking and writing, other languages are advantages
    • Creativeness and innovation are required
    • Ability to work strategically on the business and also operationally in the business
    • Passionate, responsible and reliable
    • Knowledge and experience in financial management
    • Understanding of sales, marketing and operations
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    • Demonstrate leadership and ability to foster teamwork
    • Experience travel in the region and passion for cruising in the Emperor style
    • Problem solving and decision making capacities
    • Experience in a multinational business environment advantageous
    • Ability to deal with uncertainties and a fast-changing business environment
    • An understanding of and believe in responsible tourism philosophy
    • Vietnamese nationality candidates are preferable

Touching Vietnam’s heritage on a masterpiece in the natural wonder of Halong Bay.

Positioning itself as Vietnam’s first boutique cruise, bringing heritage alive with its own stories to tell, the Heritage Cruises fleet aims to provide guests with an authentic and unique cruising experience to showcase Vietnam’s culture, history, and cuisine on the country’s very first art cruise in the natural wonder of the Halong region.


Deriving the inspiration for its boutique concept and design from the heritage ships of patriotic entrepreneur Bach Thai Buoi, who was considered as the “King of Cruise Ships” in Vietnam in the early 20th century, Heritage Cruises consists of 20 suites ranging from 33m2 to 80m2, divided into three different categories (Delta, Ocean, and Heritage Suites) with a maximum capacity of 60 guests.

On board, there is a range of luxury amenities including two restaurants, L’Indochine and Le Tonkin, for Vietnamese gourmet cuisine, Vietnam’s first infinity swimming pool, a pool bar, sophisticated wine cellar, and the Red River Lounge for relaxation and contemplating the traditional art form of Hang Trong, unique to Vietnam.

Heritage Cruises hosts a floating exhibition, L’Art de l’Annam, which showcases the first designer art gallery of artist Pham Luc, known as the Picasso of Vietnam, as well as the works of many famous Vietnamese artists. The Bach Thai Buoi Library is ideal for reading and relaxation surrounded by pictures depicting the daily lives of people in northern Vietnam.


Apart from offering a cosier atmosphere, the small size of this ship allows easy access to remote, less-visited places that larger vessels just can’t reach.

This boutique cruise company categorises its ships not using a star rating but by character, quality, style, and the overall unique experience. Each guest is treated like nobility and can experience the finest things in life, in private, and with every tiny detail attended to. Travelers spend their time spotting local wildlife, snorkeling, boating, kayaking, embracing Mother Nature, and passing time with their fellow passengers and crew.

Cruising is all about places, experiences and memories. The Heritage Cruises team ensures that their guests enjoy every single moment on board by providing the chance to cruise the Gulf of Tonkin (Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, and Halong Bay) complemented by personalized service.

Heritage Cruises combines warm hospitality with a lovely ambiance to make our guests stay a cruising experience to remember.


Launching on 7 September 2019, with 1-, 2- and 3-night options, Heritage Cruises will offer authentic experiences on an architecturally designed boutique river and ocean cruise ship departing from Haiphong – only 90 minutes from Hanoi.

Bach Thai Buoi was an inspirational entrepreneur of the early 20th century for many Vietnamese generations. Everything he worked on was aspirational, visionary and for the nation, with profits as an afterthought. He even created a dictionary and a newspaper for the Vietnamese. In the early 20th century, Bach Thai Buoi was ranked among the “four bourgeois tigers” by Hanoians. He was one of the richest, most respected men and the first Vietnamese person to own a car. He had many names, such as the “Lord of the Rivers in Tonkin” and the “King of Ocean Cruise Ships.”

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the launch of the Vietnamese Binh Chuan cruise, which in 1919 became the first ship to cruise along the coastline of Vietnam from Haiphong to Saigon.


The Heritage Cruises ship has 20 suites including four Heritage Suites, ten Ocean Suites, and six Delta Suites. The two King and Queen suites are the largest, at 46 sq m, and all suites blend heritage design with the elegance of 1930s Indochina. Heritage Cruises epitomizes the art of cruising with its state-of-the-art suites with floor-to-ceiling windows for panoramic views, 2 restaurants, 3 bars, a year-round infinity swimming pool, 2 spa treatment rooms, fitness center, sauna, hot tub, library, shop, art gallery, and other facilities.

Heritage Cruises is a popular choice amongst travelers to Cat Ba Island, whether exploring or just passing through. Offering a variety of facilities and services, guests enjoy free wi-fi in all rooms, 24-hour room service, 24-hour security, and daily housekeeping. Comfortable guestrooms ensure a good night’s sleep with some rooms featuring facilities such as complimentary tea and coffee and free welcome drink.


Halong Bay is one of the New Wonders of the World and tourists flock to sail on its karst-dotted waters in the Gulf of Tonkin. A few miles away, however, is another bay that is just as beautiful but with fewer tourists. Heritage Cruises provides guests with a unique twist in the natural wonder of Lan Ha Bay in the Cat Ba Archipelago, easily reached from Haiphong.

The Heritage Cruises route sails through the unique landscape of the Cat Ba Archipelago. Cat Ba Island has a surface area of 285km2 and retains the dramatic and rugged features of Halong Bay. This island belongs to Haiphong City – an important industrial city which, together with Hanoi and Halong, forms an important economic triangle in north Vietnam.

Approximately half of Cat Ba Island is covered by its national park, which is the home to the highly endangered Cat Ba Langur. The Cat Ba Archipelago boasts pristine beaches, secluded lagoons, coves, tropical forests, and lakes, allowing holidaymakers to swim, kayak and bike to fully experience the Gulf of Tonkin. The itinerary also includes the fishing villages of Lan Ha Bay, and watersports such as kayaking, squid fishing, and snorkeling as well as wildlife spotting.


Heritage Cruises is available for FITs (free independent travelers), small groups and charters. This top-notch cruising experience is perfect for repeat travelers to Vietnam wanting something out of the ordinary and exotic.

The exclusive cruising experiences are highly recommended for heritage travelers, seasoned leisure travelers, active holidaymakers, honeymooners, families, fine-art enthusiasts, nature lovers, photographers, groups of friends, VIPs and celebrities.

Heritage Cruises operates from Got Harbor in Haiphong, on a daily basis for the day cruise, with scheduled 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-night programs. In addition, Heritage Expeditions is the first cruise line to offer a 4-night option in the Halong region as well as special event cruises. Private air or helicopter charters for leisure and professionals are available upon request.


From October 1 to December 30, guests can discover, explore, and relax in the natural wonders of the Cat Ba Archipelago and Lan Ha Bay, one of the most beautiful marine areas in Vietnam, on cruises starting from VND3.99 million ($170) per adult per night for maiden voyages, valid until 30 December 2019.

The rate includes accommodation in a Delta Suite for two, with ocean views from a private balcony, a light breakfast, lunch and dinner, drinks from the minibar, roundtrip transfers between Hanoi and Got Harbor, and use of the four-season swimming pool, sauna, gym, and kayaks.

Two children under 12 years of age can sleep with their parents for free. For more information, contact 088 603 6668 or email [email protected], or discover more at www.heritagecruises.com.

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Günümüzde satışı rahat şekilde yapılan bu hapları internet web sitemizden alabilirsiniz. Bakalım cinsellikle ilgili bilgilerin ne sevide?Sayfamızda Türkiye Cumhuriyeti kanunlarına ve evrensel insan haklarına aykırı yorumlar onaylanmaz ve silinir. 18 yaşından büyük olan kişiler kendi rızasıyla bu ürünleri kullanabilir. DH’ye girerek kullanım izni vermiş sayılırsınız. En az bildirilen istenmeyen etkiler hazımsızlık, başdönmesi burun tıkanıklığı ve görmeyle ilgili geçici etkilerdir (renkleri karıştırma, göz kamaşması veya bulanık görme). 10 saatinde değiştirilmiştir. Kardeşler bu tür cinsel ürünleri almak istediğiniz de dikkatli olmanızı tavsiye ederim. Bunun dışında kullanımla ilgili aklınıza takılan tüm sorularınızı bizimle iletişime geçerek detaylandırabilir ve sipariş verdikten sonra kullanım detayları hakkında bilgi alabilirsiniz. Uzun süreli sertleşmeleri ise bazı etkilerle maksimum noktaya getirmektedir. cialis ayrıca cinsel ilişki sırasında penis sertliğinin sağlanamaması durumlarında da kullanılmaktadır. Eğer 18 yaşın altında ve yasal olarak yetişkin değil iseniz lütfen bu siteye girmeyiniz ve ürün satın almayınız. Peki pensi sabah ereksiyonu durumuna getiriyor mu bu ilaç ? En iri olduğu zaman sabah ereksiyonu çünkü. Meselâ eski Türk edebiyatının önemli hocalarından Prof. herkes kemik gibi, bi biz pörsüğüz sanki. # Yakıt alımı sırasında 60 litreye kadar hacmi olan yakıt depolarına 250ml. Son zamanın en iyi ve en güvenli ürünü olmayı başarmaktadır. Sildenafil sitratın özellikleri sayesinde penis sertleşmesi ve iktidarsızlık problemlerine çözüm sunar.

cialis 100 mg

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50 cc olarak üretilen HBT Afrodisiac ortalama olarak 3 ay süreyle kullanıcılara yeterli olmaktadır. Bu bakımdan geciktirici fiyatları önemli bir araştırma konusudur. Sizde partneriniz ile eğlenceli ve dakikalar yaşamak için size measurement dimension en yakıneczaneden geciktirici siparişiverebilirsiniz. Bunun yanında vardenafilin yan etki olasılığı biraz daha düşüktür. İhtiyacın karşılanması, herkesin mutluluktan dört köşe olması, insanların kendi mutluluklarını ve öz güvenlerini art artworkırabilmeleri için biz burdayız. İşte cinsellik hakkında yaygın olarak doğru bilinen bir yanlış daha! Son zamanlarda yapılan araştırmalara göre, erkeklerin yarısı günde 19 kereden daha az seks düşünüyor. İlacın, geciktirici gibi aynı enzimi hedefleyerek, cinsel organda kan dolaşımını art artworkırdığı, ancak farklı moleküler yapıya sahip olduğu bildirildi. Araştırmaya göre İngiltere’de çocuklar, steril ortamlar nedeniyle soğuk algınlığı gibi sık rastlanan hastalıklardan uzak kalıyorlar ve bağışıklık sistemleri az gelişiyor. 18 yaş ve üzerinde olan kişiler bu ürünü çeşitli yerlerden satın alabilir. Modern zamanlarda hap tesirli takviyelerin başında gelen kimyasal ilaçlar geciktirici fiyatı araştırması yapmayı gerektirmektedir. Bunun için her türlü hizmeti en kapsamlı şekilde sizlere sunar, destek oluruz. Bana göre, bu jenerik çok okay uygun oldu, uzun süre etki ediyor, yemekler ve alkol seçiminde kendinizi sınırlamanıza gerek kalmıyor. Aşık bir terazi kadını ilişki sırasında kendinden geçebilir. Sitemize de geciktirici hakkında oldukça fazla yorum gelmektedir. Gözde ‘‘yanıltıcı reklamlar’’a dikkat çekti.

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This plugin works rather well with other third-party plugins, so you’ll be able to simply extend its features too. That is a strong and fully free Seo plugin developed by Yoast, which now has over 1 million installs. Norebro is without doubt one of the most popular WordPress themes with the power to create nearly any type of webpage you might be after. Anada is a powerful and clean WordPress theme for data science and analytics. One of the things I appreciated about UpStream is that is has a instrument-tip primarily based walkthrough. It can also help improve the User Experience (UX) of your feedback part to make participation gratifying for readers. If you find yourself promoting services or products for one time, it’s important every buyer is happy and convinced about your services. With the plug-in activated in your website , you’ll be capable to perform loads features like auto posting emails to your subscribers regarding your latest put up , subscribing /unsubscribing customers from the mailing checklist as the person subscribe/unsubscribe from your weblog. Several predesigned blocks are included for things like footers, covers, photographs, grids, and menus. The best Seo checklist will mix content planning and execution with technical features like code and schema. After some consideration, most people boil down their options to either a WordPress challenge management plug in or a SAAS service. Theme works with Elementor and WordPress customizer that gives you the flexibility to customise and create with ease. Similar to YouTube, you may arrange a user video submission website with this theme that could have an built-in person registration module. It has 6 demos: private, trendy, informal, trend, architect and recipes – they are very totally different, however all have pure and clean design with stylish parts like delayed floating title frames and different tiny accents. Premium WordPress themes allow you to modify basic parts in your layout and come with cutting-edge options. 2 on the time of this text); have an extended historical past of development and updates (nice assist); and are written nicely, which is vital to the performance of your webpage. Moreover, WooCommerce trendy plugin is all the time right there to make your template more ecommerce – prepared and ecommerce – optimized. The theme includes all the required parts for building a modern inventive weblog: a bunch of web page layouts, fashionable headers and footers, social media widgets and feeds, tons of Google net fonts, and TM Gallery. Among the best methods to ensure your web site is appearing properly in search outcomes is by telling engines like google what content you do, and don’t, want to seem in search results with meta directives. Showcase your whole workforce members using its crew member widget.


kamagra jel 36 saat

36 saat boyunca etkili olması zaten ne denli güçlü bir ilaç olduğunun en büyük kanıtıdır. Tıbbi ürünlerde yer alan bilgiler kamagra jel profesyonellerine için bilgilendirme amaçlıdır. Ancak, düşük cinsel dürtü için suçlu her zaman hormonlar değildir. Bir daha kullanmak ister iseniz aradan en az bir gün geçmesi gerekmektedir. kamagra jel tabletler, nemden korumak için orijinal ambalajmda ve 25°C’nin altmdaki oda sıcaklığmda saklanmalıdır. Tabi büyüyünce bu merakımı gidermek için bu siteden estrogenolit hapı almıştım. Evlilikten önce birlikte olmak yasak değildir fakat eşini aldatmak iyi bir davranış olarak kabul görmez. Bu yüzden rahatlıkla kullanım detaylarını arkadan görebilirsiniz ve kullanabilirsiniz. Satın alma işleminden önce tahmini olarak ne kadar sürede yükleneceğini hemen altta görebilirsiniz. 10 mg tadalafilin yeterli bir etki göstermediği hastalarda doz 20 mg’a yükseltilebilir. Ancak bu bilgilerin büyük bir kısmı hatalı, hatta tümüyle yanlıştır. kamagra ürünlerinin yanı sıra, muadil ürünleri sitemizden farklı dozlarda uygun fiyata, emniyetli bir şekilde alınabilir.

kamagra jel