Top 5 activities in Lan Ha Bay 2020

April 7, 2020 By Cat Ba Island Comments Off

Located in the east of Cat Ba Island and in the south of Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay has an area of more than 7000 hectares with about 400 large and small islands. As it is quite isolated to the mainland, this destination successfully preserves its unspoiled natural scenery. Let’s come and explore the interesting activities in Lan Ha Bay

Surroundings of Catba National Park

1. Go sightseeing in Lan Ha Bay 

The location of Lan Ha Bay is admirably convenient as it is adjacent to the UNESCO Heritage Site Halong Bay and is surrounded by Cat Ba Archipelago. While Halong Bay is often touristy and crowded, Lan Ha Bay has its own beauty of tranquility and pristinity. To explore and enjoy this beauty, going sightseeing is the best activity in Lan Ha Bay

Unlike Halong Bay, the limestone islets of Lan Ha Bay are all covered with green trees and vegetation, bringing a completely natural feel to this bay. Even if the limestone towering islands are only at the size of penjing, trees still grow strongly and densely. The density of limestone islets in Lan Ha Bay is quite thick, creating smaller bays. 

To participate in this sightseeing activity, visitors can travel by boat or cruise only. 

2. Visiting caves on basket boat

One of the most popular caves in Lan Ha Bay is Light and Dark Cave. The two caves are located at the border of Lan Ha Bay, Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. It’s close to Cat Ba National Park. You can get on a basket boat and a local will take you to caves. Light and Dark Caves are formed by enclosed groups of limestone islets with a 3-meter-high and 100-meter-long entrance. 

Sitting on the basket boat, you will feel the gentle flow of the sea and find yourself very close to nature. Although boat rides can make you a little dizzy and out of balance, riding basket boats into the caves is still one of the most interesting activities in Lan Ha Bay

3. Kayaking 

If you prefer privacy and love to exercise, you can rent a kayak and explore Lan Ha Bay on your own. The water here is averagely shallow, and the caves are not too big. That’s why only small boats can access the area. It is an exciting activity to kayak in the middle of Lan Ha Bay and see through the clear and clean water to find some beautiful coral reefs and seaweed. 

Kayaking will bring an entirely different experience while visiting Lan Ha Bay. You have the chance to scour through each and every island and cave, getting close to the foot of limestone islets and try touching the rough surface. You can even watch sunset while being in the water, truly immersing in nature. What can be more impressive than this activity in Lan Ha Bay?

If kayaking all day to explore Lan Ha Bay is too tiring for you, don’t hesitate to book a room on Heritage Cruise. You can always enjoy the scenery from the 5-star cruise and only kayak whenever you want to. 

4. Swimming in the middle of the sea 

Lan Ha Bay can be described as the most ideal beach in Northern Vietnam. There are no big scary waves as the water is pleasantly calm. So there is no reason to miss such a nice activity in Lan Ha Bay. Moreover, the tranquil atmosphere is something you rarely find on beaches in Vietnam, but swimming in the middle of the sea will allow you to experience that. It is enjoyable and relaxing to immerse yourself in the cool water. And don’t worry too much about your safety.

Cruises operating in Lan Ha Bay are equipped with emergency boats and canoes with qualified lifeguards to ensure the safety of tourists. Heritage Cruise guarantees that as long as you swim in sight, we will make sure that you are safe and sound.

Other options for swimming are Van Boi Beach, Van Ha Beach and Cat Dua Beach.

5. Dinner on water 

This is the most romantic activity in Lan Ha Bay. Imagine having a 5-star dinner in the elegant melody of live music and the warm light of candles on Heritage Cruise. With a view of the mysterious and dim Lan Ha Bay after sunset, you will get to taste the local and fusion cuisine of both Asian and Western culture. With the freshest and finest ingredients that are available, Heritage Cruise will take you on a culinary journey. Every course is infused with creativity and served with passion. 

Our extensive wine list is selected by sommeliers, in consultation with our chefs, to ensure that your wine choice complements the cuisine from our kitchen. Whether you seek contemporary cuisine or classical perfection, our chefs are there to serve a dining experience that transcends the genre, raises the bar, and creates a lasting impression.