Ba Ham Lake

Situated on the southwest side of Halong Bay, Ba Ham Lake is found on Dau Be Island (Calf Head Island) in Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Archipelago.

This island is part of the range of islands at the farthest end of Halong Bay, bordering the immense Long Chau archipelago, home to the oldest lighthouse in Vietnam. Ba Ham Lake is situated in the middle of a narrow, rectangular area, with all four sides enclosed by vertical cliffs.

Ba Ham Lake still retains it mysterious and unspoiled beauty, thanks to its hidden location which make access quite difficult. The only way to explore this amazing attraction is by kayak or rowing boat through a cave at low tide, the stalactites hanging down in clusters, forming many strange shapes.

The lake is a system comprising three wide, round pits, linked together by narrow and meandering tunnels. Stalactites hang from the ceiling in a myriad of strange, colored forms. The silence is disturbed only by the sounds of the boat’s oars. Surrounded by cliffs, Ba Ham Lake is completely quiet, and the only sound is the whispering waves and birdsong.

On the island are many species of plants such as orchids, benjamin figs, banyans, and cycads, which blossom throughout the year. It is also the home of yellow-haired monkeys, colorful birds, flying squirrels, and bats. Beneath the deep blue surface of the water it is teeming with fishes and shrimps.

Ba Ham Lake is also famed for its ecological diversity. On the limestone cliffs surrounding the lake, you can see the intense green color of the tropical vegetation which is rich in indigenous species. The lake is home to three endemic plant species of Halong Bay including Halong Cycad (Cycas tropophylla), Halong palm tree, and Halong Paplliopedilum, which is yellow in color. Don’t be surprised if you catch sight of monkeys, squirrels, or rare birds because they have called this place home for many years.

Although only 25km from Got Harbor, it is another world and the beauty of Ba Ham Lake has attracted the attention of explorers and nature lovers for a long time. In the book “Merveilles de Monde – Wonders of the World” published in 1938, it introduced the landscapes and described the lake as follows: “Arriving at Ba Ham Lake, the first impressions are of its beauty, just like Hang Luon or Sung Sot cave, but the scenery here is even nicer. The entrance to Ba Ham Lake is not as easy as that of Luon Cave, but it is interesting to explore. The semicircular entrance is in the sheer cliffs of the northwest of the island, 4 – 5m above the surface of the sea”.

Visitors participating in Heritage Explorer (3 days, 2 nights) will have the opportunities to discover and contemplate the charmingly natural beauty of Ba Ham Lake.