10 must-try restaurants in Cat Ba Island 

Located in the Gulf of Tonkin of Northern Vietnam, Cat Ba Island can be considered the ideal destination for both its nature and culture. Most of all, the cuisine of this island is something visitors should never miss. Here is a list of 10 must-try restaurants in Cat Ba Island. 

1. Quang Anh Floating Restaurant 

Serving delicious fresh food at a reasonable price, Quang Anh Restaurant is the top-of-mind restaurant in Cat Ba Island. The menu is filled with traditional distinctive Vietnamese dining courses, especially fresh seafood dishes. It is usual to see Quang Anh Restaurant crowded with customers. 

What is impressive about this restaurant is that it is floating on water with strong and firm buoys at the bottom to prevent the restaurant from submerging. Your first step into Quang Anh Restaurant might be a little bit staggering, but be assured that it is totally safe to eat here without falling into water. However, if you are extremely sensitive towards seasickness, it is better for you to try other famous restaurants in Cat Ba Island instead of this one. 

Address: Ben Beo, Cat Ba Island | On the road to Cat Co 3, Cat Ba, Vietnam

Phone number: +84 98 259 51 59

Opening hours: 6:00 – 22:30 PM (Monday – Sunday)

2. Green Mango 

Green Mango Cat Ba has always been a popular restaurant in Cat Ba Island, especially for foreigners. This is a hotel’s restaurant, serving a variety of dishes of both Vietnamese and Western cuisine. You can either enjoy a Vietnamese noodles or an Italian pizza, or both. The place also serves cocktails and wine. 

The staff are enthusiastic and dedicated, ensuring your comfort while dining in. 

Address: 236 Một Tháng Tư, Cát Bà town, Cát Hải, Hải Phòng, Vietnam

Phone number: +84 31 3887 151

Opening hours: 7:00 – 23:00 (Monday – Sunday)

3. Phuong Nhung Restaurant

Like other local restaurants in Cat Ba, Phuong Nhung Restaurant serves excellent local food at a reasonable price. The restaurant is famous for its fried rice, fried noodles, spring rolls pho. Vegetarian and vegan options are available. This restaurant has breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner. Recently, the owner added tasty desserts such as fresh fruits yogurt to the menu. 

Address: 184 Một Tháng Tư, Cát Bà town, Cát Hải, Hải Phòng, Vietnam

Phone number: +84 97 605 38 23

Opening hours: 6:30 – 22:00 (Monday – Sunday)

4. Mona Restaurant 

If you love the idea of dining with a view, Mona Restaurant will definitely be your favorite restaurant in Cat Ba. This place has a rooftop overlooking the sea, where you can enjoy seafood and have a sip of beer while immersing in the beautiful scenery. Mona Restaurant is also a cafe with diverse and fresh drinks. 

A plus point is that they have gluten free options.  

Address: 180 Một Tháng Tư, Cát Bà town, Cát Hải, Hải Phòng, Vietnam

Phone number: +84 93 467 48 99

Opening hours: 8:00 – 23:00 (Monday – Sunday)

5. Phuong Phuong Restaurant 

Phuong Phuong Restaurant is one of the most crowded restaurants in Cat Ba. This place serves a variety of local dishes but mainly seafood. Here, they have the freshest ingredients including shrimps, crabs, oysters and squids. If you travel with a big group, it is recommended to book a table as Phuong Phuong Restaurant can be really crowded. However, there is no need to worry about being cramped as the restaurant is quite spacious. 

Address: 232 Một Tháng Tư, Cát Bà town, Cát Hải, Hải Phòng, Vietnam

Phone number: +84 31 3888 254 

Opening hours: 6:00 – 23:30 (Monday – Sunday)

6. Quan Cat Ba Family Restaurant

This restaurant in Cat Ba is famous for its tasty local dishes with high-quality ingredients and a reasonable price. Fresh seafood is a highlight, especially the mouth-watering and savory grilled geoduck dish. Staff are friendly and enthusiastic. Quan Cat Ba Family Restaurant is popular among tourists, and is a safe choice for every meal in the day. If you wish to have a taste of Cat Ba delicacy, this restaurant is an ideal option.

Address: 195 Một Tháng Tư, Cát Bà town, Cát Hải, Hải Phòng, Vietnam

Phone number: +84 98 659 03 18

Opening hours: 8:00 – 21:30 (Monday – Sunday)

7. Yummy Restaurant

This is another restaurant in Cat Ba with reasonable prices and yummy local food. The quality of food is always guaranteed while the price can’t be any more affordable. The average price for a dish is about VND 50,000 and a beer is just VND 15,000. This restaurant rarely lets its customers wait too long for their food – this is a huge plus. If you want to experience the local life, have a bite at Yummy Restaurant.

Address: 180 Núi Ngọc, Cát Bà, Vietnam

Phone number: +84 97 795 09 06

Opening hours: 7:30 – 22:00 (Monday – Sunday)

8. Vietnamese Soul Food 

This restaurant is popular to both Vietnamese and foreign tourists. It can be a little pricey, however, high price comes with high quality food. “One of the best restaurants in Cat Ba” – a comment on Tripadvisor praised. Highly-regarded dishes are traditional Vietnamese food such as spring rolls, fried rice, fried noodle and pho. Staff are professional and dedicated. At Vietnamese Soul Food, you can find and explore the true flavor of Vietnamese food with hundreds of dishes.

Address: 131 Tùng Dinh, Cát Bà, Vietnam 

Phone number: +84 91 296 69 25

Opening hours: 8:00 – 22:00 (Monday – Sunday)

9. Quiri Pub Cocktail & Restaurant 

This might be the most creative and interesting pub and restaurant in Cat Ba. They use local ingredients to serve unique cocktails like Cocktail Pho, Autumn Hanoi Cocktail, Cocktail O Mai and many other signature cocktails of this pub. In addition to drinks, this restaurant is well-known for tasty dishes such as papaya salad, mango salad, sizzling beef, grilled fish with chilli and deep fried squids. There is absolutely no doubt about food quality here.

Address: 135 Tùng Dinh, Cát Bà, Cát Hải, Vietnam

Phone number: +84 98 162 30 96

Opening hours: 11:00 – 23:00 (Monday – Sunday)

10. My Way Cafe & Restaurant 

This cozy restaurant offers great dining experience with both Vietnamese and Western cuisine. It is an ideal restaurant in Cat Ba for homesick foreigners who suddenly miss the taste of home. Favorite dishes at My Way Cafe & Restaurant are burgers, french toast, pasta, pizza, and of course… pho. Beverages are as great as food. The restaurant also serves excellent egg coffee – a unique Vietnamese specialty. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at this place. 

Address: 184 Một Tháng Tư, Cát Bà town, Cát Hải, Hải Phòng, Vietnam

Phone number: +84 98 209 31 38

Opening hours: 7:00 – 22:00 (Monday – Sunday)