Travel is all about places, experiences, and memories. I would like to introduce you to the rich cultural heritage of the Gulf of Tonkin and the Red River on Vietnam’s first boutique cruises, which operate on a daily basis. The cruise itinerary focuses on the tangible and intangible as well as the natural heritage, passing through the lush green and scenic landscapes of Vietnam’s waterways.

Pham Ha - Founder and CEO of Heritage Cruises

This authentic experience offers the chance to cruise the Gulf of Tonkin (Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, and Halong Bay) in an authentic and unique style. The experience is complemented by personalized service and on-request limousine transfers, reducing the journey from Hanoi 1.5 hours.

Colm Hutchinton - Director of Halo Digital Marketing Agency

Like boutique hotels, boutique cruises are characterized by their intimate atmosphere and idiosyncratic style. They distinguish themselves from larger chain cruises by offering personalized attention and styled accommodations which play on a motif. Boutique and heritage concept, small is beautiful and c’est chic. I like the authentic and unique experiences

Huong Pham - Operation Manager - Luxury Travel

Beyond offering a cozier atmosphere, the small size of these cruise ships creates a whole different experience, both onshore and onboard. Heritage Cruises makes a business out of getting guests to remote locations, where guests can enjoy activities like biking, walking, boating, kayaking or snorkeling. Onboard, the crowd-free experience is predictably more intimate and social. You can expect more personalized service from the crew

Nguyen Tien Hiep - Director of Halucom